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With but eight men he started out, in 1623, to overawe and subdue the Indians of Massachusetts then an unknown and perplexing quantity; single-handed he checked the conspiracy at Weymouth and turned the tables upon the savage plotters, by himself assassinating the assassins a deed that saved the colony from Indian massacre, but called forth the mild protest of the Pilgrim preacher at Leyden, Mr.

It was to secure his boy's claims that the Earl of Cambridge seized on the king's departure to conspire with Lord Scrope and Sir Thomas Grey to proclaim the Earl of March king. The plot however was discovered and the plotters beheaded before the king sailed in August for the Norman coast. His first exploit was the capture of Harfleur.

"And they won't get much more chance to steal her secrets," said Tom that night, when the stories had been told. "Why?" asked Ned. "We start to dismantle her at once," Tom answered, "and she goes to England to be reproduced for France." "If only those plotters haven't stolen the secrets," mused Ned. But if they had they got little good of them.

During those long hours the two plotters had concocted a diabolical scheme, which they meant to carry out ere the morning light dawned.

Suppose the men in the room should outnumber them and overpower them? Certainly if they were the spies and plotters they sought, they would be desperate. Then again it was just possible that the men were peaceful citizens, and that the affair would turn out to be a farce; that would be almost too humiliating. Suddenly Sergeant Riley stepped forward into the open doorway.

In those places where secret night sessions were held were the stir of preparation and the talk of punishing a traitor for young Pete had deserted the cause, and the plotters were divided in sentiment.

"Come on," cried Alan, and the four plotters rushed bask to the lake and pulled the boat out of the water. Alan took the prow and Jock took the stern, while Sandy and Jean supported it on each side, and in this way, after many struggles, they succeeded in carrying it to a place below the rapids where they dared launch it.

"Maybe they wanted to hold them out and get the best offer they could for our property," suggested Charlie. "Maybe," assented Blake. "Whatever their game was," and he spoke in a low tone which could not carry to the two plotters who were walking ahead with the German captain, "they went to the hut to get the films they had left there.

Few figures are more picturesque than the figures of the young Scotch kings as they dash themselves against the iron circle which girds them round in their desperate efforts to rescue the Crown from serfdom. They carry their life in their hands; a doom is on them; they die young and by violent deaths. One was stabbed by plotters in his bedchamber.

Of course, such of the servants as are at all likely to prove troublesome, through possessing a trifle more brains than is usually alloted to an idiot, will be kindly told that, rather than endanger their lives, the household will dispense with their valuable services. Then a nurse, perhaps two, will come down from the city, and the plotters have the game in their own hands."

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