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Silence had filled the church up to this moment; but at this audacious move, a solitary wailing cry of mingled astonishment and despair went up behind us; but before any of us could turn, and while my own heart stood still, for I thought I recognized this veiled figure, the woman at the altar raised her hand and pointed towards the bridegroom. "Why does he hesitate?" she cried.

We came in here and got our legs all tangled up in these cussed briers, and then we begin to fight and the rebs had an easy time of it. Don't tell me it's just luck! I know better. It's this derned old " The friend seemed jaded, but he interrupted his comrade with a voice of calm confidence. "It'll turn out all right in th' end," he said. "Oh, the devil it will!

I wish my father were here; he would stay till sunset. But what is the history of that old tower? a history it must have." "Every home has a history, even a peasant's hut," said Cecilia. "But do pardon me if I ask you to comply with my father's request. I at least must turn back."

"Yet did my brother Hugh turn these faults to good account he seeing that our brother Arthur's health was but indifferent, and hoping the worst might work him profit were I swept out of the path so but 'twere a long tale, good my liege, and little worth the telling.

But I soon saw, that wi a' the phraseology that lay at his tongue end during the election, about his power and will to serve us, his ain turn ser't, he cared so little for me.

The fire lighted up a ring of gaunt, brown, bearded faces, and the pairs of eyes that centred on each speaker's face in turn had little of hope or animation in them. The conference began after the evening meal, and extended far into the night. All seemed to realize the hopelessness of pursuing the quest any farther, yet none cared to face the ordeal of turning the boats seaward again.

In the midst of this occupation, he learned that Barclay had, on the 18th, abandoned his camp at Drissa, and that he was marching towards Witepsk. This movement opened his eyes. From that position, he would be enabled to turn the broken army of his rival, cut him off from his southern provinces, and crush his weakness with superior force.

It's a bad sign with a wounded man; girls don't die of it when they turn their eyes up in that fashion. Your lordships know it well. And there is some distance, thank God! between the little death and the great. But it's the same turning up of the eyes... Remain, gentlemen, I'll go and fetch the horse." "This rustic is amusing," said M. d'Anquetil, "with his turned-up eyes and his bad women.

Then let it be understood: whatever you may have to report to me, my wrath shall not turn against you. This fellow why should you not be told, child? is going into the town to collect all the jests and witty epigrams which have been uttered in my honor." "Alexander!" cried Melissa, clasping her hands and turning pale with horror.

Then the Brothers discussed together what work they could put him to, and at first to little purpose, for there was no labour that had not found its labourer in that busy community; but at last one remembered that Brother Bald Fox, whose business it was to turn the great quern in the quern-house, for he was too stupid for anything else, was getting old for so heavy a labour; and so the beggar was put to the quern from the morrow.