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A pledge of support from her husband explains the haste with which Henry pressed forward to his encounter with the king. The treason however was skilfully veiled; and though defection after defection warned Richard of his danger as Henry moved against him, the Stanleys still remained by his side and held command of a large body of his forces.

Looking back as I now do upon Mizora, it presents itself to me as a vast and almost limitless landscape, variegated with grand cities, lovely towns and villages, majestic hills and mountains crowned with glittering snows, or deep, delightful valleys veiled in scented vines. Kindness, cordiality and courtesy met us on every side.

That any such problem overhung her life as that which we had just been weighing, seemed never to have entered their thought, and if they had ever conceived of a passion already conscious between Charlotte and Ferry, they veiled the fact with charming feminine art. When we got back to the house Harry detained me on the veranda alone. Camille told me how long I might tarry.

I must encourage myself with the consideration that none but our own friends, with whom, whether they understood us or not, we are safe, will know to whom the veiled narrative points. But some acute reader may say, "You describe your husband's picture: he will be known by that." In this matter I have been cunning I hope not deceitful, inasmuch as I now reveal my cunning.

I saw a grave dark potter turning his wheel, while his little girl stood by, glad at our pleasure, her head veiled like a miniature woman, tiny baggy trousers, and a silver nose-stud, like a star, in one delicate nostril. In her thin arms she held a heavy baby in a gilt cap, like a monkey. And the wheel turned and whirled until it seemed to be spinning dreams, thick as motes in the sun.

That there was still a veiled hostility John Chetwynd could not fail to see; but in his newly formed resolution to be patient and forbearing, he simply ignored it and diligently cultivated a kindly, gentle bearing, interesting himself in her little domesticities and the general routine of her everyday life.

I smelled Italy as in the magnolia from Bourne's garden and, even while my heart leaped with the consciousness, the odor passed, and a stretch of burning silence succeeded. It was an oppressive zone of heat oppressive not only from its silence, but from the sense of awful, antique forms, whether of art or nature, that were sitting, closely veiled, in that mysterious obscurity.

Ah, now my eyes are veiled in tears, Sure witness of my jealous flame. For if we in the garden meet, Or if we in the chamber be, His actions his estrangement prove, He has not even words for me. And if I say to him, 'My life! He answers me, 'My dearest dear, Yet with a coldness that congeals My very heart with sudden fear.

We have life and health, if we have them, and it is only veiled prurience to inquire whence we got them. A man can't help having a father and a mother, I suppose; but he need not be always reminding himself of the fact: no other creature on earth does.

Our pious ancestors, as Powis calls them, much of whose piety, by the way, was any thing but meliorated with spiritual humility or Christian charity, were such ignoramuses as to set up crosses in every door they built, even while they veiled their eyes in holy horror whenever the sacred symbol was seen in a church." "Every door!" exclaimed the Protestants of the party.