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Give to me no condescension with any such view, preserve your indifference, persevere in your coldness, triumph still in your power of inspiring those feelings you can never return, all, every thing is more supportable than to talk of our separation!" "Yet how," cried she, "parted, torn asunder as we have been, how is it now to be avoided?" "Trust in my honour!

And so here, this fire of God, if it fall upon you, will burn up all your coldness, and will make you glow with enthusiasm, working your intellectual convictions in fire not in frost, making your creed a living power in your lives, and kindling you into a flame of earnest consecration. The same idea is expressed by the common phrases of every language.

He WOULD hate his former friend; he WOULD have revenge for all the coldness and neglect which had been his own lot in life; and every time the least thought in defence of Alphonse arose in his mind he pushed it aside, and said, like the old banker, "Sentiment won't do for a business man." One day he went to his tailor's; he bought more clothes in these days than he absolutely needed.

And when he looked abroad, he could not but be sensible that he was excluded from the society of the gentry of the county, to whose rank he conceived he had raised himself. He was not admitted to their clubs, and at meetings of a public nature, from which he could not be altogether excluded, he found himself thwarted and looked upon with coldness and contempt.

'Not even yours, Mr Osborne? replied Clara, with a stately coldness quite marvellous in one so young; and leaving him, she came again to my side. I peeped at Mr Coningham, curious to see how he regarded all this wrangling with his daughter. He appeared at once amused and satisfied. Clara's face was in a glow, clearly of anger at the discourteous manner in which Charley had spoken.

The girl looked up. The man was a stranger. She inclined her head coldly. 'My name is Mifflin, said the other, dropping comfortably into the chair which had held the remains of George. The girl inclined her head again more coldly; but it took more than that to embarrass Mr Mifflin. Dynamite might have done it, but not coldness. 'The Mifflin, he explained, crossing his legs.

She looked into his face with an expression of amazement and doubt; but instead of coldness, there was now a devotion and pleading that she had never seen before. She was too confused and astounded, however, to comprehend his words immediately, nor could the impression of his hostility pass away readily. "You are mocking me," she faltered, scarcely knowing what she said.

As he talked the pallor quite left him, and the fighting fire blazed in his eyes, he stood lion-like, his feet spread apart as if to meet a shock, his tawny head thrown back, and there was about him a hair-trigger sensitiveness, in spite of his bulk, a nervousness of hand and coldness of glance which characterizes the gun-fighter.

"No, I can't say that I do, when I'd already told you to fill the woodbox," rejoined the man, with uncompromising coldness. "You mean even then that I ought to have filled the woodbox first?" "I certainly do." David's eyes flew wide open again. "But my song I'd have lost it!" he exclaimed. "And father said always when a song came to me to play it at once.

Yes, his mother had judged her rightly: she allowed herself to be swayed in a most extraordinary manner by her moods; and now even he was to feel the insolence of her haughtiness, of which he had as yet seen nothing. This repellent coldness bordered on rudeness and he had no mind to submit to it for long.

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