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He turned his head and found a soldier, an ordinary private, very close to him, also leaning on the parapet. "I thought I wasn't mistaken in Mr. Marmaduke Trevor." Doggie started away, on the point of flight, dreading the possible insolence of one of the men of his late regiment.

Like ignorant farmers, who exhaust fertile fields by forcing crops; they rapidly ruined their vast and rich empire by exorbitant exactions. Inexorable conquerors and insatiable masters, with one hand they flogged their slaves and with the other plundered them. Nothing was superior to their insolence, nothing on a level with their greed. They were never glutted, and never relaxed their extortions.

I never saw a more woeful figure in my life;" and Sadie laughed again at the recollection. "Yes," said Ester, "you uphold her in all sorts of mischief and insolence; that is the reason she is so troublesome to manage." Mrs. Ried looked distressed. "Don't, Ester," she said; "don't speak in that loud, sharp tone. Sadie, you should not encourage Julia in speaking improperly to her sister.

And their common father had never seen aught but the faults of Marius and the virtues of Florimond. She had resented this, and Marius had resented it; and Marius, having inherited with his mother's beauty his mother's arrogant, dominant spirit, had returned with insolence such admonitions as from time to time his father gave him, and thus the breach had grown.

Glenvarloch, bethinking himself that it might be as well to endure this fellow's insolence for a brief season, as to get into farther discreditable quarrels, suffered him to take his own way, without interruption, only observing, "You make yourself at home, sir, in my apartment; but, for the time, you may use your pleasure.

She repressed her anger at Marius's sneering interference, and made a little gesture of dismay with her eloquent white hands. "But we do not ask you to cut a throat." "I have heard amiss, then," said he, his insolence abating nothing. "You have heard aright, but you have understood amiss. There are other ways of doing these things.

He was arrested for insolence to a housekeeper who refused him food. The magistrate discharged him, with some tearful remarks about the world's cruelty and the right of a man to be poor without being accounted a criminal. Thus encouraged, the tramp went right back and broke the windows of the house that had repelled him.

'Ye can run her into Hell an' out again if ye pay pilotage, I said, 'but ye run without me. "'That's insolence, said young Steiner. "'At your pleasure, I said, turnin' to go. "'Ye can consider yourself dismissed. We must preserve discipline among our employees, said old Holdock, an' he looked round to see that the Board was with him.

"And am I, sir, to return to the garrison of that fort, with the news that you utterly desert them, that you intend to remain quietly here, while they are sacrificed before your eyes? Is it possible that you are capable of such infamy as this?" "Infamy!" exclaimed the three men, rising to their feet. "I place you in arrest at once, for your insolence," Mr. Drake said.

Thus a dangerous ferment was excited by the king's espousing the cause of spiritual insolence and oppression against the general voice of his people, and the plainest dictates of reason and common sense. The property of East Friezeland continued still to be the source of contention between the electors of Bran-denburgh and Hanover.