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Her charity is known throughout the country, and appeals for the distressed are never made to her in vain. The Sicilian Court. Retirement of the duke. The Restoration. The return to Paris. Arrival in Paris. Reception by the Bourbons. Testimony of an American. Pride of the Bourbons. Madame de Genlis. Triumphal advance of Napoleon. Flight of Louis XVIII. Signal triumph of Napoleon.

It was eight in the evening when they started, and the storm broke on them as soon as they were out at sea. The whole party was distressed and anxious, apparently, except Charles himself, who sang songs and told stories to keep up the spirits of his companions. Long afterwards Flora Macdonald loved to tell how chivalrously and considerately he looked after her comfort on that dangerous journey.

Without even visiting the Embassy? I am distressed to hear of so speedy a desertion, and yet, knowing the charms of the Schloss Steinheimer, I can hardly wonder at your wish to return there. The Prince, I suppose, is as devoted as ever to the chase. I must censure his Highness, next time we meet, for not coming with you to London; then I am sure you would have stayed longer with us."

Jeanie was listening with a puzzled frown, but Gracie's imagination was instantly fired. "Do go on!" she said eagerly. "I know what a ticket of leave is. Nurse's uncle had one. It means you have to go back after a certain time, doesn't it?" "Exactly," said Piers grimly. "When the ticket expires." "But I don't see," began Jeanie. Her face was flushed and a little distressed.

Victim of an unhappy marriage, the dear engaging little boy was a great consolation to her, and his amusement and instruction occupied her mind, and passed away happily many a weary hour. "She insisted upon attending the funeral, and I accompanied her. Mr. Kent was with her, too, much distressed, for this hard man loved his child, and keenly felt his loss.

Many who were unable to work became sorely distressed insomuch that some died raving for liquid air. Others were more fortunate and were helped by charitably inclined citizens. When a few poor comrades clubbed together and contributed out of their mites, then the magnates sold air, but if the sufferers had no money, they could have no air. A growing discontent possessed the people.

I said, among other things, that we. knew not when or how it would be possible for us to return to France. If Bonaparte had then entertained any thought of a speedy return I must have known it, and in that case I should not certainly have distressed my family by a desponding letter, when I had not had an opportunity of writing for seven months before.

Therewith was the matter ended for him; his head fell forward upon his breast, and he fell dead beneath the blow. His friends and kinsmen had beheld from afar and came therewith, sore distressed and very wrath when they saw their lord thus lying dead upon the field. Sir Gawain, the good and the valiant, was once more mounted upon Gringalet.

He began to suck some pieces of ice to overcome his troubled heart but in vain. So weak was he that he leaned against the table. He rose, feeling the need of air, but the bread had slowly risen in his gullet and remained there. Never had he felt so distressed, so shattered, so ill at ease. To add to his discomfort, his eyes distressed him and he saw objects in double.

We are apt to think that this earth is made for man, but, after many ages, there are still some parts of his domain unconquered, some fair lands where the axe, the fire, and the plough are still unknown. While we were at Santubong, in 1859, we were distressed to hear that Mr. Fox and Mr.

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