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"Well, I don't want to make any accusations, especially against a French officer, for I know they're on our side. But I heard that Sim and Schloss are pretty sore because you fellows got this work." "Sim and Schloss!" repeated Blake. "That Jew firm which tried to cut under us in the contract for making views of animals in Bronx Park?" "That's the firm," answered Macaroni.

I would have stopped the business if I had known anything of it; but she is better out of the way, and will be carefully looked after, where she is. By this time she is in the Tyrol. 'And where? asked Carlo, with friendly interest. 'At a schloss near Meran. Or she will be there in a very few hours.

In the late afternoon they went to the cafe in the old Orangery of the Schloss for a cup of tea, and found themselves in the company of several Ansbach ladies who had brought their work, in the evident habit of coming there every afternoon for their coffee and for a dish of gossip.

Their generosity stops there, however. I have never had so many unkind things said to me in all my life as have been said about this purely personal matter. Well, to make the story short, the Hazzards and I returned to Schloss Rothhoefen in some haste, primarily for the purpose of inspecting it from dungeon to battlement.

The schloss is situated on a lofty, unscalable rock that stands in the centre of a valley, as if it were a fortress itself.

These four Terraces, this rectangular Schloss with the four big lindens at the corners, are surrounded by a Moat; black abominable ditch, Wilhelmina calls it; of the hue of Tartarean Styx, and of a far worse smell, in fact enough to choke one, in hot days after dinner, thinks the vehement Princess.

"Sunday next I shall be at a little Place near Cleve," Schloss of Moyland, which, and the route to which, this Courier can tell you of; "where I shall be able to possess you at my ease. If the sight of you don't cure me, I will send for a Confessor at once.

On their way they always passed the statue of Count Platen, the dull poet whom Heine's hate would have delivered so cruelly over to an immortality of contempt, but who stands there near the Schloss in a grass-plot prettily planted with flowers, and ignores his brilliant enemy in the comfortable durability of bronze; and there always awaited them in the old pleasaunce the pathos of Kaspar Hauser's fate; which his murder affixes to it with a red stain.

My dear old father was already beside the elder lady, with his hat in his hand, evidently tendering his aid and the resources of his schloss. The lady did not appear to hear him, or to have eyes for anything but the slender girl who was being placed against the slope of the bank. I approached; the young lady was apparently stunned, but she was certainly not dead.

I fancied I saw Schloss' face brighten as Kennedy took this view. So far, evidently, he had run across only skepticism. "The stones were unset?" resumed Craig. "Mostly. Not all." "You would recognize some of them if you saw them?" "Yes indeed. Some could be changed only by re-cutting. Even some of those that were set were of odd cut and size some from a diamond necklace which belonged to a "

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