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I could just distinguish the forms of a lady and two young girls in the portico, and I saw my little comrades, with Bantam, Carlo, and old John, trooping along the carriage road. I leaned out of the coach-window, in hopes of witnessing the happy meeting, but a grove of trees shut it from my sight. In the evening we reached a village where I had determined to pass the night.

The young men read him shrewdly, but speaking was useless. Before Carlo parted from Luciano, he told him the burden of the whisper, which had confirmed what he had heard on the Piazzi d'Armi.

Countess Lena talked to Captain Weisspriess in an undertone, referring to what she called his dispute with Carlo Ammiani. The captain was extremely playful in rejoinders. 'You iron man! she exclaimed. 'Man of steel would be the better phrase, her sister whispered. 'It will be an assassination, if it happens. 'No officer can bear with an open insult, Lena.

I trust that I shall have the pleasure of seeing something of you, Monsieur Douaille. A little conversation would be most agreeable." "In Monte Carlo one meets one's friends all the time," Monsieur Douaille replied. "I lunch to-day with my friend our mutual friend, without a doubt who calls himself here Mr. Grex." Mr. Simpson nodded.

"Never mind," said Madeline, as she let Herbert hold her Candy Rabbit, "to-morrow I'll help you look for your Monkey. Maybe he's hiding down in the tall grass, as Dorothy's Sawdust Doll once did." "Maybe," said Herbert hopefully. But still he felt sad. The next day he and Dick and Carlo again went to the meadow. They looked all around, and at last they found the Monkey, as I have told you.

Yet, desiring this with all the force that was in him, he began nevertheless to gamble, for the first time since coming to Monte Carlo. No conscientious scruple had held him back hitherto; but the game had not appealed to him. He disliked the crowding, the sordidness and vulgarity which, to his mind, attended it; and it seemed to him that public gambling was an unintelligent, greedy vice.

"Say, did you ever hear such cheek!" he exclaimed, passing his arm through the latter's. "A little bounder stopped me in the street and has been trying to frighten me into leaving Monte Carlo, just because I broke that robber's wrist. Same Johnny that came to you, I expect. What are they up to, anyway? What do they want to get rid of us for? They ought to be jolly grateful."

And if his tip exceeded ten cents, he would be vastly surprised. The Italian is always the same, prince or peasant. He never wastes on necessities a penny which can be applied to the gaming-tables. And these two were talking about Monte Carlo and Ostend and the German Kursaalen. The younger of the two was a very handsome man, tall, slender and nervous, the Venetian type.

Many a famous match has been fought out on these courts; and situated as they are in the beautiful grounds of the Hotel Beau Site, where most of the players stay, the environment is ideal. I was only able to play in the Monte Carlo tournament, after a few days' practice on the Beau Site courts, for it was just at the start of the Nice tournament that the accident to my wrist occurred.

"Pray, sister," said gentle William; "pray, sister, as I must." A faint shiver was all the answer; her senses had almost left her. When George was a little way up the hill, something ran suddenly against his legs he started it was Carlo. He turned and lifted up his hands to Heaven; and William could see that George was blessing him for this.