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He thought he was too excited to sleep, but after he had pinned the present back in his coat pocket, and had carefully laid himself down on that side, and tied all the curtains shut, and balanced his suitcase on end at the front of the berth so a possible robber would tip it over on him, he was asleep in two seconds.

His head is ornamented with an eagle’s tail, and to the tip of each plume there is a fluffy feather from the breast of the eagle. A bunch of night-owl feathers is on either side of the eagle tail where it is attached to the head. The horizontal and perpendicular lines on the face were referred to in the description of the first sand painting.

She landed squarely on the toes of a man who occupied the corner seat, and, bounding off again, made for the window. Ginger, faithful to the last, was trotting beside the train as it gathered speed. "Ginger! My poor porter! Tip him. I forgot." "Right ho!" "And don't forget what I've been saying." "Right ho!" "Look after yourself and 'Death to the Family!" "Right ho!"

The labium, which is the largest and most conspicuous, is apparently cylindrical but is grooved above throughout its length. At the tip of the labium are the labellæ, two little lobes which serve to guide the piercing organs. Lying in this groove along the upper side of the labium are six very fine, sharp-pointed needles.

There is something in the air that stiffens one's backbone, and freezes one from the tip of one's toes to the end of one's pigtail. When one is with the marshal alone, one thaws; for there is no better fellow living, and he chats to us as if we were on a mountain side in Scotland, instead of in Frederick's palace.

As I spoke, she very gently took just the tip of my finger, which hung close to her coverlet, in her fingers, and drew it beneath, and before I was aware, burying her head in the clothes, she suddenly clasped my hand in both hers to her lips, and kissed it passionately, again and again, sobbing. I felt her tears.

He glanced round at the cretonne recess: "I won't inconvenience you any longer, Mr. Homo." The curtains were pushed aside and the æsthetic-looking man stepped out, the half-smile on his thin lips. "I fear you have had a disappointing visit," he said pleasantly, "and it is on the tip of your tongue to ask me if I can help you. I will save you the trouble of asking I can't." Beale laughed.

Moise was in the bow, Alex at the stern paddle, and both the men looked steadily ahead and not at either side. They saw the boat seemed to tip down at a sharp angle, but still go on steadily. Alex was following the long V which ran down in the mid-channel stream, on either side of which were heavy rocks and sharp, abrupt falls in the water.

"No more have I and I've never met anyone who exactly has. It's generally their cousin's cousin who's told them about it." "There's a moon to-night," remarked Nora. "So there is!" The four girls looked at one another, hair brushes in hand. Each had it on the tip of her tongue to make a suggestion. "I dare you to go!" said Verity at last. "Not alone?" Fil was clutching already at Nora's hand.

He had fought gallantly and gone down fighting. Tom and Dick, who had now rejoined him, shared his feeling. "Nothing 'yellow' about that old rascal but his hide," commented Dick. "A fighter from Fightersville," added Tom. When their jubilation had somewhat subsided, they measured their quarry. "Ten feet four inches, from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail," announced Tom.