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"Lor' bless you, no; dis ain't no show," Mandy answered; and she laughed reassuringly. "Then where am I?" Polly asked, half breathless with bewilderment. "Nebber you mind 'bout dat," was Mandy's unsatisfactory reply. "But I DO mind," protested Polly, trying to raise herself to a sitting position. "Where's the bunch?" "De wat?" asked Mandy in surprise.

"This is one of our best rooms," he said, as he selected a key from his bunch and at length opened the door. It was filled almost to suffocation. Some of the people within were lying down, leaning their backs against the walls. Others were sitting in various postures, to occupy as little space as possible. A few were standing up, although there was but little room for them to move.

"I don't want to go a far ways," he explained when the other was again Riding alongside, "'cause Doctor Dell would cry if I didn't come back to supper. She cried when I was out huntin' the bunch. Doctor Dell gets lonesome awful easy." He looked over his shoulder uneasily.

Mary approached, bearing Charlie along. She began whispering to Rachel, "That man's a beast. I hate him. He thinks he's an artist, but he's a beast. You'll find out if you're not careful." Rachel asked, "Who?" "Brander," Mary answered. Charlie interrupted, indignation rumbling in his voice, "A bunch of freaks, all of them. I don't see why a decent girl wants to hang around in a dump like this."

May I express the fervent hope that you also will be there? I name the locality because it is quiet and respectable. I shall wear a white marguerite in my buttonhole. Will you also carry a bunch of the same flower? "Yours to command,

She looked again towards Lynette, and in an instant her purpose crystallised, her line of action was made clear. She saw a little bunch of wax-belled white heath fall from the girl's scarlet belt in the act of rising.

At least that's what I made out, for he was so mad he talked Dutch a lot. Miguel and I made up our minds then that we'd got in wrong. What has this fellow Fleckenstein ever done for us? Is he going to get us branded over the country as a bunch that'll jump an honest debt? It looks to me as if Manning had done more for us than we knew. I'm willing to give Manning a new chance.

'But, he said, 'Mrs Bunch, they are just the same as the scratches on the outside of my bedroom door: and I'm sure I never had anything to do with making them. Mrs Bunch gazed at him open-mouthed, then snatched up a candle, departed hastily from the room, and was heard making her way upstairs. In a few minutes she came down.

On the day referred to Abby had been rehearsing with Marion, and thus it happened that they walked part of the way home together. Marion stopped at a florist's stand and bought a little bunch of arbutus. "Here, put this on your altar," she said, giving it to Abby. She had heard all about the oratory.

She brought a large bunch of lilies which Mademoiselle Vincart had sent to the patient, to console him for not being able to go in the woods, which Julien kept for several days close by his side.