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It gives me the fidgets." And rebuffed, Hinpoha crept away. The same thing happened to the other girls who tried to console her. It was hard to find a way to show their sympathy. She didn't weep, she didn't bewail her lot, she didn't cast a gloom over the company by making a long face. Katherine in trouble seemed suddenly older, stronger, more experienced in life than the others.

By gwacious, if you aren't cwying! Go to bed, both of you; I'll go to the club." He went accordingly; and the women, who could ill console each other, were about to go to their own rooms when the door-bell rang again. "What next, I wonder?" asked Marcia, in despair. "Please, Ma'am," said the servant, "there's a man at the door, who looks quare, and says, if he can't see Mr.

Pellew pointed out that if he revoked he would lose three tricks. "Very well," said Gwen. "I shall keep a very sharp look out." But no revoke came, and she had to console herself as a loser with the reflection that it was only the odd trick, after all one by cards and honours divided. This is a fair sample of the way this game went on establishing a position of moral superiority for Mr.

But Prudy had suddenly turned about, and gone back to the house, saying she had forgotten something. She had left home without kissing her mother good by, and nothing could console Prudy for the loss of one of her mother's caresses. "There, girls, I'm back again," said she, catching her breath. "Now, Dotty, let's we see how fast we can walk."

But Edith insisted that she would make no difference. "In fact," said she, "you can come more than ever. For if Walter's absorbed in Anne, and Anne's absorbed in Walter " He took it up gaily. "Then I may be absorbed in you? So, after all, it turns out to my advantage." "Yes. You can console me. You can console me now, this minute, if you'll play to me."

"Here, Frank, is something to console ye for your bad luck." And he held out something in a tin cup. "What is it?" said Frank; "water?" "Something almost as good," said Harris. "It was water the boys came down here in search of; and they've tapped five barrels of sirup in the operation, and finally they've stuck the gimlet into a cask of taste on't." Frank knew what it was by the smell.

"Console yourself, Grace dear you're never likely to do that." The girls tittered at Lavinia's repartee. All knew that Grace Armitage was the vainest of the vain and believed every man who cast his eyes in her direction was in love with her. She went white with anger. But she was slow witted. She had no sarcastic rejoinder ready and if she had it was doubtful if she would have uttered it.

At any rate you may be sure you would be perfectly ignorant of the whole thing. Further, if you knew that the mysterious power which keeps you in your present state of life had never once ceased in those ten thousand years to bring forth other phenomena like yourself, and to endow them with life, it would fully console you. Thrasymachos. Indeed!

When the consul demanded a triumph from the senate, in consideration of these services, rather to comply with the general practice, than in hope of succeeding; and when he saw that one party, his own personal enemies, another party, the friends of his colleague, refused him the triumph, the latter to console a similar refusal, some on the plea that he had been rather tardy in taking his departure from the city; others, that he had passed from Samnium into Etruria without orders from the senate; he said, "Conscript fathers, I shall not be so far mindful of your dignity, as to forget that I am consul.

The Abbess, ever busy with affairs of her convent or matters of pleasure, soon relinquished the vain attempt to console where she could not sympathize, trusted that the fever of devotion would wear itself out, and left her niece to herself.

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