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'Deed and she got a quare turn when first she spied the chap croochin' under the bank she couldn't tell but he might ha' been a corp." Brian Kilfoyle's view was: "Divil a much! Sure if he'd had e'er a notion to be doin' anythin' agin himself, there was plinty of deep bog-houles handy for him to sling himself into, and have done wid it." Whereupon Mrs.

"Tare and ages!" said Mike, "that's mighty quare; and the blue rocket was a letter of invitation, I suppose?" "Exactly," said Hampden; "and you see there's no ceremony between us. We'll just drop in, in the evening, in a friendly way." "Well, then, upon my conscience, I'd wait, if I was you, till the family wasn't in confusion. They have enough on their hands just now."

Walsh, senior, came by with a twinkling can of water. "Och, there you are, Joe," she said: "Nelly's been lookin' out for you this good while." "Whethen it's quare lookin' out she had," said Joe, "and she took off wid herself to ould Annie Cassidy bad manners to her for her interfarin'." "What's the lad talkin' about at all?" said Mrs.

"Times grew worse an' worse for me at home," continued he, "and a quare time I had of it till I was fourteen years of age, when one day says I to mesilf, 'flesh and blood can bear it no longer, and I ran away to the city uv Dublin where an aunt by me mother's side lived.

Eyah! he talks av some quare parts he's been in. Fwhat doin'? Lord knows. Been up an' down the ladder some in this outfit sarjint one week full buck private next. Yen know th' way these ginthlemin-rankers run amuck?" "How does he get away with it every time?" queried Redmond. "Hasn't any civilian ever reported him to the old man?"

In reality Theresa was wondering why there would be, a quare black sidimint like, in the water on some days and not on others; and Ody was explaining the phenomenon confidently and erroneously on an extemporised theory of his own. But to old Moggy's fears it seemed quite possible that they might be fixing the wedding-day.

They are protected by the patron's action of Quare Impedit; and all considerations of honour, decency, and common sense should restrain the Bishop from "letting himself loose against the working man of God," and enforcing against the curate a system of inquisition which he dare not apply to the incumbent.

Mandy watched her, fascinated as the lithe, strong young figure bent and strained to correct a crease in the web where it turned the roll. "They never saw anything like you in their born days, I'll bet," she yelled. "I never did. You're awful quare but somehow I sorter like ye." And she scuttled back to her looms as the room boss came in.

And I meself was tired callin' him to come in and spake to me, and I lyin' in bed, but next or nigh me he niver come, not even for little Maggie that he always thought a hape of. And the next mornin' if he wasn't quit out of it early, afore anybody knew, in the bitter black frost, and a quare threatinin' of snow. So then as soon as I heard tell, I up wid me and come after him.

It's quare the diff'rint notions there is about most things. And a good job too, or else what would you be considherin' in your mind, when you was thrampin' around?

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