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Ye cud say nothin' to help me, an' yet ye niver knew what cause I had to be what I am." "Begin at the beginning and go on to the end," I said, royally. "But rake up the fire a bit first." I passed Ortheris's bayonet for a poker. "That shows how little we know what we do," said Mulvaney, putting it aside.

At this place adventures on a small scale crowded upon our travellers so thickly that Martin began to look upon sudden surprises as a necessary of life, and Barney said that, "if it wint on any longer he feared his eyebrows would get fixed near the top of his head, and niver more come down."

The woman glanced about her with wandering eyes. Then she shook her head. "Dinnis Rumpety? Sure he'll niver be dead!" "I tell you Dennis Rumpety is dead. I have killed him!" "You!" she shrieked. "The saints preserve ye!" It was a ghastly work to get that dishonored body across the corral while the spectral horse came sniffing after. Rankin wondered whether the dishonored soul could be far away.

There's part o' him lies i' the bed, an' the parish feeds him, an' the doctors they talk about him. I niver seed him again sin' that night, but I knows what he said was true, an' there's many a man as 'as seed him anear me sin' that day.

His hopes, indeed, were so completely in the ascendant that he summed up his most serious uneasiness when he said to himself: "She'll do right enough, no fear, or I'd niver think of it, if Thady was just somethin' steadier. But sure he might happen to git a thrifle more wit yet; he's no great age to spake of."

"And that's what he niver will be the longest day he lives! But, however, Moylan got her to sign all the papers; and, when Barry was out, he went and took an inventhory to the house, and made out everything square and right, and you may be sure Barry'd have to get up very 'arly before he'd come round him.

Niver, she added, with bitterness, as the words he had used recurred to her mind. 'It's in me to hate thee now, for saying what thou did; but thou're dear old Kester after all, and I can't help mysel', I mun needs forgive thee, and she went towards him. He took her little head between his horny hands and kissed it. She looked up with tears in her eyes, saying softly,

And Danby rose and walked off with a determined air, while the girl, abashed and wondering, followed him. When they arrived he plunged into the subject at once: "Nurse Bridget, can you read?" "An' I raly don't know, as I niver tried." "Fiddlesticks! Of course Maurice is too blind, and very likely he never tried either. Are there no books in the house?"

"Many thanks to ye, Miss Daisy!" "May ye niver want as good!" "Hurrah for the flower of Melbourne!" Shouts various and confused at last made Daisy comprehend they were cheering her. So she gave them a little courtesy or two, and walked off again as fast as she thought it was proper to go. She went home and to the library, but found nobody there; and sat down to breathe and rest; she was tired.

"I tould yez, sor, I wouldn't touch a dhrop ov the craythur, maynin' whisky, sure," he said, with a miserable attempt at a grin; for he felt very much humiliated at losing his stripes, Macan sober being quite a different man to Macan drunk. "An' faix I niver bruk me wurrud at all, at all, I'll swear, sor." "How can you have the face to deny it, man?" cried the doctor, angrily.