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It raly is 'stonishin' to think how foolish dem creturs is; dey mout ha' knowed as someon' would ha' come an' let him loose." While thus thinking, she had crossed the room, and was now endeavoring to open the door, which gave admittance to the inner and larger apartment.

"Eh, He'll be like to tak' ye soon, feyther. He will He'll tak' ye afore aught's long," says the daughter. "Raly," she adds, as she pilots her visitor downstairs after this consolatory remark, "it's a'most to be 'oped as He will." Yet when He does, and poor feyther is carried away to his long home by his sons and cronies, there is genuine distress in the little household.

"The fact is, I thought that that retreat of the sciences might hold that little learning, which is a dangerous thing as you used to not quote exactly and I thought it prudent to avoid that 'Pierian spring." "What is the young man talking about now?" inquired Uncle Josh. "I would raly like to know, I would." "I must ask the Doctor to explain," answered Bart.

Raly it's give me such a turn, cried the susceptible damsel, pressing her hand upon her side to quell the palpitation of her heart, 'that you might knock me down with a feather.

"Yes," rejoined Mr. De Younge; "things are gitting mighty critical even in dese 'ere parts; and I wouldn't live furder down town if you was to give me a house rent-free. Why, it's raly dangerous to go home nights down dere." "And there is no knowing how long we may be any better off up here," continued Mr.

She was raised up by Robberts, who came running to her assistance, and, on being questioned as to the cause of her outcries, replied: "Dere's a strange cat in de house wild cat too, I raly b'lieve;" and spying Tom at that moment beneath the table, she made another dash at him for a renewal of hostilities. "Why that's Tom," exclaimed Robberts; "don't you know your own cat?"

If ever he wants a character don't let him come to me whatever he does, that's all I tell him. 'Dear Susan, urged Florence, 'don't! 'Oh, it's very well to say "don't" Miss Floy, returned the Nipper, much exasperated; 'but raly begging your pardon we're coming to such passes that it turns all the blood in a person's body into pins and needles, with their pints all ways.

As he spoke, he turned over the paper, and read on the other side, "Places to be attacked." "Why, this looks serious," he continued, with some excitement of manner. "'Places to be attacked, don't that seem to you as if it might be a list of places for these rioters to set upon? I really must look into this. Who could have left it here?" "I raly don't know," replied the old man.

Burnett, I raly did not, I didn't," mimicking Uncle Josh. "What did you do, badinage apart?" "I took a good outside look at the buildings, which was improving; called on your friends Dr. Nutting and Rev. Beriah Green, who asked me what church I belonged to, and who was my instructor in Latin." "What reply did you make?" "What could I say?

I have done this," she says, "and I've vasted time and substance on them as has done it more than me; but I hope ven I'm gone, Veller, that you'll think on me as I wos afore I know'd them people, and as I raly wos by natur."