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Pantest thou to be free, silly one, that the hawk may swoop on its defenceless prey? Better, perhaps, the cage for thee, and the prison for thy master. Well, out if thou wilt! Here at least thou art safe!" and opening the cage, the starling flew to his bosom, and nestled there, with its small clear voice mimicking the human sound, "Poor Henry, poor Henry! Wicked men, poor Henry!"

Bernadine was sallow, thin, wiry, and muscular; Beth was soft, and round, and white. She had height, age, and weight on her side; Bernadine had strength, agility, and cunning. "Phew w w!" Beth jeered, mimicking her whine. "You'd 'tell mamma' if you got a scratch." "I won't, Beth, if you'll fight," Bernadine protested.

Thus among the Warramunga the headman of the white cockatoo totem seeks to multiply white cockatoos by holding an effigy of the bird and mimicking its harsh cry. Among the Arunta the men of the witchetty grub totem perform ceremonies for multiplying the grub which the other members of the tribe use as food.

The banks of Acheron can not be more wildly funèbre, and it was companionable to hear Colin's voice mimicking out of the darkness: "In this country me do rough-a work. In Pal-aer-mo do polit-a work!" "Poor chap!" I said, after a pause, thinking of our friend from Pal-aer-mo. "Do you know Hafiz, Colin?" I continued. "There is an ode of his that came back to me as our poor Italian was talking.

His face was scarlet, and he fingered in desperation the ragged brim of his hat. "I reckon they're my freckles," he said doggedly. "And I reckon you can keep 'em," retorted Bernard, mimicking his tone. "We ain't going to steal 'em. I say, Eugie, here're some freckles for sale!" The dark little girl, who was putting up her books in one corner, looked up and shook her head.

They don't themselves know what they are doing!" said the officer and rode off. Then a general rode past shouting something angrily, not in Russian. "Tafa-lafa! But what he's jabbering no one can make out," said a soldier, mimicking the general who had ridden away. "I'd shoot them, the scoundrels!" "We were ordered to be at the place before nine, but we haven't got halfway.

Do you remember that I wanted to talk to you yesterday morning that I suggested you should come and hear my speech and you wouldn't have it? You didn't care about politics, you said, and weren't going to pretend. What made me go over? Well I changed my mind to some extent," he said slowly. "To some extent?" She laughed scornfully, mimicking his voice. "To some extent!

Horses are ridden with curb-bits here, and I had only brought a light snaffle, and my horse ran away with me again on the road, and when he stopped at last, these men rode alongside of me, mimicking me, throwing themselves back with their feet forwards, tugging at their bridles, and shrieking with laughter, exclaiming Maikai! Maikai!

Of that have I in plenty," he replied gruffly. "But methinks 'twas not pity ye sought by trying to strangle me." "Pity, my lord, my children are starving...." "Pity, my lord, I have not tasted food to-day " "Pity, my lord!" retorted the praefect with a grim laugh, and mimicking the wretched man's words, "I would have murdered you had I had the power."

"I wish I could," she said, drawing in her breath, with the eagerness of a thirsty person while mimicking the action of drinking "I wish I could but no I cannot I cannot." "And why not? You would think little of peaching and hanging him for this Scotch affair. Rat me, one might have milled the Bank of England, and less noise about it."

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