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Considering the various stems of plants, which multiply themselves by runners or by buds on the roots, the assertion is in no need of further proof. The same holds good for all cases of artificial multiplication by cuttings, or by other vegetative methods. But even if we limit ourselves to the leaves of a single tree, or the branches of a shrub, or the flowers on a plant, the same rule prevails.

While I counsel conservatism in these changes, I am convinced that the new dynasty of wire and wireless is destined to dominate us; and as discovery continues and inventions multiply, the time is near when immediate communication will be had at long range; possibly telepathy who knows? Or, possibly tele-photography with it why not?

Man is a very well constructed being, and can live and multiply anywhere, provided he can keep warm, and get pure water and enough to eat. Indeed, our Teutonic fathers must have been comfortably off, or they could not have multiplied as they did.

For, we thus enter a new gymnasium, and learn to choose men by their truest marks, taught, with Plato, "to choose those who can, without aid from the eyes, or any other sense, proceed to truth and to being." Foremost among these activities, are the summersaults, spells, and resurrections, wrought by the imagination. When this wakes, a man seems to multiply ten times or a thousand times his force.

Yet there objections multiply on another side, when one considers salvation and damnation: for it appears strange that, even in the great future of eternity, evil should have the advantage over good, under the supreme authority of him who is the sovereign good, since there will be many that are called and few that are chosen or are saved.

"Add the interest to the principal, and then multiply by " "Multiply?" said Charlie, interrupting. "Look!" He pointed to the sum on the slate, and repeated "multiply." "Oh!" exclaimed the cabin-boy, with a gasp of relief and wide-open eyes, "I've divided!"

The presence of the Dutch and English had stimulated the Five Nations to enlarge their operations in the fur trade and multiply their profits.

Only break such a little tube as this into a supply of drinking-water, say to these minute particles of life that one must needs stain and examine with the highest powers of the microscope even to see, and that one can neither smell nor taste say to them, 'Go forth, increase and multiply, and replenish the cisterns, and death mysterious, untraceable death, death swift and terrible, death full of pain and indignity would be released upon this city, and go hither and thither seeking his victims.

In one corner a family of twenty children are laying designs in shining rings of steel; and as the graceful curves multiply beneath their clever fingers, the kindergartner is telling them a brief story of a little boy who made with these very rings a design for a beautiful "rose window," which was copied in stained glass and hung in a great stone church, of which his father was the architect.

Large pier-glasses multiply the objects around, rich divans are attached to the walls, and costly tables, some of marble, others of inlaid work, enriched with beautiful paintings, stand in the rooms, in one of which I even noticed a billiard-table. The dining-hall is quite European in its character.

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