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We copied our law that enabled us to tear down slum tenements from the English statute under which they cleared large areas over yonder long before we got to work. And yet in their poor streets in "Christian Street" of all places I found families living in apartments entirely below the sidewalk grade.

Some have been copied by expert artists upon a material manufactured by us for that purpose. It is a transparent adamant that possesses no refractive power, consequently the picture has all the advantage of a painting on canvas, with the addition of perpetuity. They can never fade nor decay." "I am astonished at the existence of this gallery," I exclaimed.

At the beginning I sent each manuscript to Norah; she had it copied out, debited me with the cost received payment, and sent me the balance. At first my earnings were small; but Norah was an excellent agent; rapidly they increased. Dan grew quite cross with her, wrote in pained surprise at her greed. The "matter" was fair, but in no way remarkable.

'A history, he says, 'written in a library gives as lifeless and as inaccurate a picture of history as a painting which is copied not from a living animal but from a stuffed one.

After a very long time, during which the little girl probably took the goods, the money, and the slip to some central desk, where the note was received, its amount and number entered in a book, change given to the girl, a copy of the slip made and entered, girl's entry examined and approved, goods wrapped up, girl registered, plaits counted and entered on a slip of paper and copied by the girl in her book, girl taken to a hydrant and washed, number of towel entered on a paper slip and copied by the girl in her book, value of my note and amount of change branded somewhere on the child, and said process noted on a slip of paper and copied in her book, the girl came to me, bringing my change and the package of Turkey-red calico.

His successors convinced the subjects of Justinian, that the arts of oppression might still be improved by experience and industry; the frauds of a Syrian banker were introduced into the administration of the finances; and the example of the præfect was diligently copied by the quæstor, the public and private treasurer, the governors of provinces, and the principal magistrates of the Eastern empire.

See here, this is my mother's last gift to me before she died a letter, too, but it is God's letter to fallen man." With great care the young man unrolled the packet and displayed a well-worn manuscript copy of a portion of the Gospel of John. "This is copied," he said, "from the translation of God's Word by the great Wycliffe.

and most humble servant, Th: Jefferson. LETTER LXXIX. TO JOHN ADAMS, July 28, 1785 Paris, July 28, 1785. Dear Sir, Your favors of Jury the 16th and 18th came to hand the same day on which I had received Baron Thulemeyer's, enclosing the ultimate draught for the treaty. As this draught, which was in French, was to be copied into the two instruments which Dr.

In English "to make believe" is in other words to impose on a person's credulity. It was as though this thought had made me suspicious and I began to surmise that Emmy's anxiety and anger were akin to that of the schoolgirl who is praised for a composition which she has copied from another.

In every detail of dress, too, he copied the fashions of his chief, so that outwardly he was as much an Arab as the other. It was late when he arose and retired to his own tent. The following day Werper spent in overhauling his Belgian uniform, removing from it every vestige of evidence that might indicate its military purposes.