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"Schoolgirl friendships are of no small consequence," declaimed Madge; "the friendships made in youth are the truest, after all!" Phil listened to her chum's voice, her eyes misty with tears. Only a half-hour before she and her beloved Madge had come very near to having the first real quarrel of their lives.

Symes shifted his broad shoulders to the opposite side of the door and his tone was the essence of complacency as he went on "Yes, if I had the shadow of a reason for forbidding this silly schoolgirl friendship I'd stop it quick." The old woman's lips twisted in a faintly cynical smile. "And could you?" Symes laughed.

I felt at once for the man a sympathy, a brotherliness, the causes of which I should be at a loss to trace. Most people have this experience at one time or another in their lives. It is not a matter of sex; it may be between an old man and a little child, a great man and a labourer, a schoolgirl and an old native woman. There is in such companionships less self-interest than in any other.

"Of course, sentimental schoolgirl colours! Mysie thinks her delightful." "At any rate, let him get a dose of common sense before committing himself. He is a capital fellow, sure to rise; has the soul and head and hands for it, but he ought not to weight himself with a drag." "Do you think he is really in love with her?" Lord Rotherwood waved his hands.

But I'm uncivilized enough to assume you're a woman of sense and not a spoiled schoolgirl." The velvet night was attuned to the rhythm of her love. She felt herself, in this sea of moon romance, being swept from her moorings. Star-eyed, she gazed at him while she still fought again his dominance. "You ARE uncivilized. Would you beat me when I didn't obey?" she asked tremulously.

"Please don't, Helen dear," said Kitty, "that was only my schoolgirl nonsense. When I came back home I found how impossible it all was. But I must run back to the folks now. Won't you come and meet them?"

Now they commented on the movements of the engines, endeavoring to recall forgotten notions of physics, now they surrounded the young schoolgirl or the red-lipped buyera with her collar of sampaguitas, whispering into their ears words that made them smile and cover their faces with their fans.

"She isn't asleep! I bet she wants me to make an outcry and wake up the whole neighbourhood. I'm beginning to get cross, Vera! Ach, damn it all! Give me a leg up, Alyosha; I'll get in. You are a naughty girl, nothing but a regular schoolgirl. . . Give me a hoist." Puffing and panting, Laev gives him a leg up, and Kozyavkin climbs in at the window and vanishes into the darkness within. "Vera!"

"I have stopped being a schoolgirl, and, Meg, once again, I'm not being unkind. But as for fitting in with your English life no, put it out of your head at once. Imagine a visit from me at Ducie Street! It's unthinkable." Margaret could not contradict her.

Impatience," in a portion of the letter that seems devised expressly to excite its reader's curiosity to the utmost. The fact is that this young beauty, with all her inherent stability and strength of character, was apt to be run away with by impish proclivities, that any good, serious schoolgirl would have been ashamed of. This letter offered her a rare opportunity for indulging them.

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