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Yet from the loins of some such tender woman had he sprung with a kingly inheritance, an inheritance which gave to him and his dominance over the land and sea, over the animals and the peoples of all the zones.

One of the chief results of doing one's duty is the gradual escape from the desire to do the contrary. It is the gradual fostering by us, the ultimate dominance in us, of the desire to do that duty. Even to have seen one's duty is the dawning in us of this high desire. In the lowest man there is indeed the superficial desire to indulge his passions.

From that happy moment on you are under the dominance of a man. Your wedding presents are not yours, but his. If you felt like giving a duplicate pickle-fork to your mother, you could not legally do so, and after you were married, if your husband wanted that pickle-fork, he could get it.

From these assumptions, certain operational criteria follow that help to define a Rapid Dominance Force with more specificity in improving: Intelligence, indications, and warning on an aggressor's actions The length of time required for a decision to react Decisive responses at various levels and times after the crises or conflict begins to develop: Respond in 1 to 3 days with air and missile strikes and special forces Respond in 5 to 10 days with more massive power up to and including a joint task force of corps size Respond in 10 to 30 days with a second corps

He felt, and I think in the main that he was right, that they looked down on him because of his lowly birth and purely material and mechanical career, and yet having attained some distinction by it he could not forego this work which raised him, in a way, to a position of dominance over these people.

Achieving Shock and Awe is central to Rapid Dominance, and therefore must serve as the key organizing principle for any rigorous examination and exploitation of system concepts and technologies for Rapid Dominance.

If successful, this strategy will prevent Germany from bidding yet again for a position of dominance in Europe by establishing a "German Union" separate from the EU. If this gambit fails, however, Germany will emerge triumphant, at the head of the world's second largest common market and most prominent trading bloc.

Mind and memory play me strange tricks in my brief moments of solitude, and whenever I think of you, I imagine it can only be yesterday that we two college lads walked and talked together in the drowsy old streets of Oxford and made our various plans for our future lives with all the superb dominance and assertiveness of youth, which is so delightful while it lasts, despite the miserable deceptions it practises upon us.

That is, we may need a totally non-standard list. My judgment is that we should develop one or two black "silver bullet" capabilities, if we get too far afield, the system will not be able to digest the recommendations. However, the concept of Rapid Dominance requires stepping to a new level of getting inside the opposition's decision loop.

With harsh cries and a wild spatter of bullets aimed high above them, Allan drove the cowed and beaten partizans of H'yemba jostling, fleeing, howling for mercy, down the terrace-path between the cliff and parapet. Only then, when he knew victory was secure and his own dominance once more sealed on them, did he run swiftly back to his boy.

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