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Ramsay would not have been the true man he was to every tradition and inheritance of his class had he not shown a modest complacency in his own success. He was assailed, we are told, by nameless critics, who put forth "A Block for Allan Ramsay's Wigs," "Remarks on Ramsay's Writings," and so forth and retaliated, not without dignity: "Dull foes," he says, "nought at my hand deserve."

Are you mad or drunk that you should think that Allan would wish to betray Marie to the Kaffirs, to say nothing of the rest of us?" and she began to wave an extremely dirty "vatdoek", or dishcloth, which she always carried about with her and used for every purpose, towards Kambula as a sign of peace. Now the Boers gave way, and Marais, seeing himself in a minority, glowered at me in silence.

And Dubby's opinion of a new dog was worth much, for "Scotty" Allan himself respected the experience and sagacity that governed it. Possessed of the colorings and markings of his wolf forbears, as well as their keen instinct in trail emergencies, Dubby combined with this the faithful, loving nature of the dog branch of the family.

Once more Midwinter looked at his watch. "We have gone far enough," he said. "Stand by the sheet!" "Stop!" cried Allan, from the bows of the boat. "Good God! here's a wrecked ship right ahead of us!" Midwinter let the boat fall off a little, and looked where the other pointed.

Phyllis found herself whispering over and over again: "The sweeping up the heart And putting love away We shall not need to use again. Until the Judgment Day." And with all there was to see after, it was some days before she saw Allan again, more than to speak to brightly as she crossed their common sitting-room. He did not ask for her.

You go there to his house at night! You put yourself into his power!" "I don't care, Allan I am not afraid of him. I have thought about myself too long. Now I must think about the man I love." Montague did not answer, for a moment. "Lucy," he said at last, "will you tell me how you have thought of yourself in one single thing?" "Yes, yes I will!" she cried, vehemently.

But we have no pools or lakes hereabouts; and you can have seen none recently elsewhere, for you came here after a cruise at sea. Must we fall back on a picture, or a book, or a conversation with your friend?" Allan looked at Midwinter. "I don't remember talking about pools or lakes," he said. "Do you?" Instead of answering the question, Midwinter suddenly appealed to the doctor.

Lawyer and client looked at each other once more, and the inexhaustible interview began again. "I mentioned that a point had occurred to me, sir," remarked Pedgift Senior. "You did," said Allan. "Would you like to hear what it is, Mr. Armadale?" "If you please," said Allan. "With all my heart, sir! This is the point.

"Well, well," quoth the King, "let it pass; only I tell thee this, Allan, thou shouldst turn thy songs to such matters as I spoke of, to wit, love or war; for in sooth thou hast a sweeter voice than Blondell, and methought he was the best minstrel that ever I heard."

The gentleman referred to was Allan Dunlop, who, Helene related, had been very useful at York to Captain Franklin, in giving him information as to the route to be followed by his Expedition on its way to the "hoarse North sea." Rose visibly coloured as she listened to the young man's praises, in the extract Helene's mother had enclosed from Captain Franklin's communication.