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Suppose that thou hast detached thyself from the natural unity, for thou wast made by nature a part, but now thou hast cut thyself off, yet here there is this beautiful provision, that it is in thy power again to unite thyself. God has allowed this to no other part, after it has been separated and cut asunder, to come together again.

I call him Nilo, and spend the morning hours teaching him to talk; for while he keeps me reminded of a Greek demi-god so tall, strong and brave is he he is yet deaf and dumb, and has to be taught as Syama was. When thou hast to do with him be gentle and courteous.

The puissant Vibhatsu worshipped her and became inclined to show kindness towards the Gandharas. Comforting the son of Sakuni, he said, "Thou hast not, O mighty-armed hero, done what is agreeable to me by setting thy heart upon these measures of hostility. O slayer of heroes, thou art my brother, O sinless one.

He made the customary obeisance to the governor, who returned his salute, and said, "Who art thou, boy? what hast thou to say, and wherefore hast thou intruded thyself into the company of princes, as if thou wert invited? who art thou, and of whom art thou the son?" "Of my father and mother," replied the youth. "But how earnest thou here?" "In my clothes." "From whence?" "From behind me."

Take then this tablet, and thy life as a reward; and let this man be sacrificed to the goddess." Then Orestes made answer, "Thou hast said well, lady, save in one thing only. That this man should be sacrificed in my stead pleaseth me not at all. For I am he that brought this voyage to pass; and this man came with me that he might help me in my troubles.

For being of tender and unripe yeares, thou hast with too licentious appetite embraced my most mortall Foe, to whome I shall bee made a mother, and she a Daughter.

Her British lover never so much as wrote her a line, and young Matthews, that she made quite certain of, hath married Kitty Strong. She need not worry about thee, since thou hast nearly two years' grace behind her. But her mother was so foolishly hasty to have her married." "But I want to stay a little girl," cried Primrose eagerly.

For some years past, so it seems to me, Thou hast held me by the hand; and I see in myself desires and resolutions in some measure tested by experience, in many ways, during that time never to do anything, however slight it may be, contrary to Thy will, though I must have frequently offended Thy Divine Majesty without being aware of it; and I also think that nothing can be proposed to me that I should not with great resolution undertake for Thy love.

I cause thee extreme pain of body. If I gave myself to thee as oft as thou wouldst, I should thus deprive myself of the sweet shelter I have in thee in this world.” Again the soul cries out but now discomfited by the Divine Love from whose tireless quest there is no escapeThou hast pursued and captured and bound me, and hast wounded me so deeply that never shall I be healed.

And art thou now as perfectly innocent as ever was Jesus Christ? hast thou, by suffering the uttermost punishment that justice could justly lay upon thee for thy sins, made fair and full satisfaction to God, according to the tenor of his law, for thy transgressions? If thou hast done all these things, then thou mayst plead something, and yet but something, for thyself, in a way of justice.