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The man who worshipped his wife and adored his little daughter looked round the white and somewhat austere room, and ran his eye over the bookstand at his elbow. "But what am I do meanwhile, Dads?" and the girl threw out her hands imploringly. "Be cold, deaf or brave, Golliwog, as I have suggested." "But I've been all that, and it's quite useless.

In laying out their new concession at Shanghai, the French had excited the hostility of the people by digging up and levelling down many of those graves that occupied so much space outside of the city walls, and where the Chinese who worshipped their ancestors were to be seen every day burning paper and heaping up the earth.

The Indians, seated gravely under the neighboring trees, looked on in silent respect, thinking that they worshipped the sun.

So often did the bearers pause to look on her beauty that it was found necessary to drape the countenance entirely, until reaching the closed sedan in which, vigilantly watched by the Bonze, she was transported to the Imperial palace. And so she was brought to the Emperor, and he worshipped her. She was laid on a couch of cloth of gold in the Imperial apartments.

She expressed supreme satisfaction with Clemence's mode of instruction, and the children worshipped their young teacher. With all her care and responsibility, had it not been for her anxiety in her mother's behalf, this long, golden summer would have been one long to be remembered for its simple pleasures and calm enjoyments. The days passed quickly.

"Morri!" "It is perfectly true! we all pass through it. In the beginning, when Girolamo devoured me with kisses and raged with jealousy, and one day almost beat me, I absolutely worshipped him; it was when he became polite and then yawned that my misery began. You will go through it, Sabine, if you have not already done so.

Both Tompson and Sir Charles knew almost the whole story now from Paul's ravings, and neither spoke of it except that Tompson supplied some links to complete Sir Charles' picture. "She was the most splendid lady you could wish to see, Sir Charles," the stolid creature finished with. "Her servants worshipped her and if Mr. Verdayne is ill now, he is ill for no less than a Queen"

He polished and cleaned it until the metal parts were blinding in the sun. He felt a mysterious sense of service in doing this. He would go up to it and touch its spinning coils gently. The gods he had worshipped were all far away. The people in London hid their gods. At last his dim feelings grew more distinct, and took shape in thoughts, and at last in acts.

He was born before Mozart died; he worshipped him, and absolutely refused to speak to Salieri because Salieri had been Mozart's enemy; and it is easy to see, when once we rid ourselves of the idea that he was a rudimentary music-dramatist, that in his music he adhered as closely to Mozartean simplicity as his very different genius would permit.

In times past, where the first Christians, our forefathers, in making their prayers to God, did turn themselves towards the east, there were that said, "they worshipped the sun, and reckoned it as God."