"And why," said she to the others, "would you have Jean le Roux, who is an honest man, cut off the heads of two Christians, because he is a butcher by trade? So long as I am his wife, I'll not allow it. I'd rather " "Well, you are wrong!" replied her companions. "What is't to thee whether the meat he cuts is eaten or not eaten?

It is highly significant that the account of the most indubitable fact in the view of the early Christians is the most difficult portion of the gospels for the exact harmonist to deal with. This is not of serious moment for the historical student. It is rather a warning against theoretical ideas of inspiration.

To let their light shine, not to force on them their interpretations of God's designs, is the duty of Christians towards their fellows.

But the hour of deliverance draweth nigh. Be ready! To-night! So has the whisper gone." Harrik's eyes burned. "God is great," he said. "The time has come. The Christians spoil us. From France, from England, from Austria it is enough. Kaid has handed us over to the Greek usurers, the Inglesi and the Frank are everywhere.

I believe the gods are interested in me, I have had so many escapes from death." "I haven't much faith in the gods," said Narcissus. "They may be all like Commodus. I heard Galen say that men created gods in their own image." Sextus smiled at him. "You have been listening, I suppose, to Marcia and her Christians." "Listening, yes, but I don't lean either way.

They were not Hussites; they were not Waldenses; they were not Fraticelli; they honoured the Augsburg Confession; they would still attend the Berthelsdorf Parish Church; and, desirous of cultivating fellowship with all true Christians, they announced their broad position in the sentence: "We acknowledge no public Church of God except where the pure Word of God is preached, and where the members live as holy children of God."

This multitude which is with the Lord hinders those who are crying out, hinders those, that is, who are doing well, that they may not by perseverance be healed. But let them cry out, and not faint; let them not be led away as if by the authority of numbers; let them not imitate those who become Christians before them, who live evil lives themselves, and are jealous of the good deeds of others.

Indeed Christians, as well as Jews, believe that the existing order of things will come to an end. Many Christians believe that Jesus will visibly reign on earth during a thousand years. Expositors of prophecy have gone so far as to fix the year when the Millennial period is to commence.

"Fifth, The workmen whose quarrels you mention are not Christians, or socialists either. They are of all creeds and none. They do quarrel, but if you knew how they used to quarrel before association, the improvement since would astonish you. And the French associations do not quarrel at all. I can send you a pamphlet on them, if you wish, written by an eyewitness, a friend of mine.

But Vinicius, in love now with her spirit, loved it all the more; and when he was watching over her while asleep, it seemed to him that he was watching over the whole world. NEWS of the miraculous rescue of Lygia was circulated quickly among those scattered Christians who had escaped destruction. Confessors came to look at her to whom Christ's favor had been shown clearly.