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He had in this way picked up a great deal of useful knowledge, and he was famous for clipping from newspapers scraps of instructive fact, all of which he relentlessly remembered. He had already a fair outline of the local history in his mind, and this had been deepened and freshened by Dr. Ellison's recent talk of his historical studies.

He had had the most unexpected bad luck, but he did not in the least see any reason to blame himself. He saw, however, a great deal of reason to fear for himself, especially as the evening drew on.

Since a great deal depends upon the rapidity with which involution progresses, we must understand just what it is and how it may be influenced. The muscle of the womb, to which this property of involution belongs, is an aggregation of thousands of individual fibers.

"Why, of course there is!" exclaimed Miss Martha. "We haven't made any plan at all." "What plan had you thought of making?" Miss Martha cleared her throat and looked up at Dunham. "I we wanted to ask what your plans were." "They're nothing to you, I'm sure," returned the girl. "Why, they're a great deal to us. You mustn't think Judge Trent and I don't feel any responsibility of you. We do."

May we not apply the same principle to the Greater Creative Mind with which we are seeking to deal? There is something in the work of the artist which is akin to that of original creation.

But the world is full of crackpots and some of the most pernicious are those who hoodwink unsuspecting canvassers into anticipating a sizzling deal where there is actually only a warm hope.

"This beautiful building was erected by an association of gentlemen, who raised a good deal of money, but, of course, not enough. They built the Grecian temple, but they could not supply it with priests. "About a hundred years ago Colin Maclaurin had laid the foundation of an observatory, and the curious Gothic building, which still stands, is the first germ.

Every mother knows the development of tenderness and motherliness that goes on in her little girl through the nursing and petting and teaching and caring for her doll. There is a good deal of journalistic anxiety concerning the decline of mothers. Is it possible that fathers, too, are in any danger of decline?

She saw with what quiet Michel bore his arrest, and she said to herself, as the last halberdier vanished: "If the Queen do but speak with him, if she but look upon his face and hear his voice, she must needs deal kindly by him. My Michel ah, it is a face for all men to trust and all women " But she sighed and averted her head as though before prying eyes.

But although we had given up attempting to explain the essential nature of affinities and of crystalline types, we might have supposed that we had at least fixed the identity of the substances with which we deal, and determined the laws of their combination.