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All hinged now on the personal equation of Cora Shelby, whose vagaries the old lady owned herself quite unable to forecast. Nor in this respect was Cora herself a much wiser prophet. Her first instinct, mixed with wonder, was to decline, and she held to this opinion the better part of an hour.

He spoke of the help for Montcalm that had been thrown into Quebec, of his own illness, of the decline in his army's strength through the operations already carried out, of the fact that practically the whole force of Canada was now against him, but, in closing, he assured the minister that the little time left to the campaign should be used to the utmost.

They stated their readiness to assault the place; but in case Budrudeen insisted on leading in person, they must decline accompanying him. But its fate was sealed, and Macota had gained his object; for neither he nor Subtu thought of exposing themselves to a single shot. Our artillery opened and was beautifully served.

This invitation we were unfortunately compelled to decline, in consequence of urgent business in London, where our immediate presence was indispensable. The rector then pressed Mr. Hopewell to preach for him, on the following day at the parish church, which he also declined.

Francis's penitent that she might have the consolation of her own language at the trying hour of her death. He is a tall, thin figure on the decline of manhood; in the graceful outline of features sweet and attractive we read the marks of much mortification. A halo of religion and sanctity envelopes him with that reverential awe we give to true virtue. He has entered the room. Alvira starts.

"Truman, attend this young gentleman to the breakfast-room, and place refreshments before him. I hope that you will take something before you go, sir," said the duke, kindly. "Thanks. I trust your grace will permit me to decline. It is scarce two hours since I breakfasted," said the boy, with a bow. "As you please, young sir," answered the duke.

"Not now, at least, Dr. Englehart." "Permit me, then, to feel your pulse vonce more. I shall determine den more perfectly dis vexing subject of your sanity." "Thank you; I decline your opinion on a matter so little open to difference. Be good enough to retire. Dr. Englehart. Let me at least breathe freely in the solitude to which I am consigned."

He would have introduced me to his family; but this I begged for a time to decline, being too much depressed and out of spirits; and he indulged me in my request of being allowed to continue in the apartments allotted to me.

"I must be doing my best for Gilian," she thought; but as she risked a glance over her shoulder and saw the pursuit decline, saw his face handsome and laughing and eager, full of the fun of the adventure, across a widening space, saw him kiss his hand to her as he ran leisurely, she forgot that she had meant to run for fair play and Gilian, and she, too, slackened her pace.

For the gratitude you decline to attribute unto me, I dislike you. But pray give me credit for a little common sense. I shall desire your services in the morning, and I do not want to find you under a rick, frozen to a fossil." "No, madam." She sprang out of bed, tumbling the hay in all directions.