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So she went for Nicholas and he came along. Of course, he couldn't play-act like his wife; but she'd schooled him pretty well, and he came out with flying colours and sacrificed his hopes of Canada so that Cora and her aunt shouldn't be parted. It worked very well indeed, and the old woman had five more happy years afore a tremendous Christmas dinner finished her.

And the very next morning, so proud as punch, Mary Jane came to breakfast with her amber heart flashing under her chin, and when James sat down to his meal, the first thing he catched sight of was his gift to Cora on his sister's bosom. His eyeballs jingled no doubt and he put down his knife and fork and stared as if he'd seen a spectrum instead of the homely shape of Mary Jane behind the teapot.

"No one hurt?" he asked, much to the girls' relief. "Oh, no, thank you," said Cora, before Walter could open his mouth. "I hope you have not lost the sheep." "Lose him! Couldn't do that if you chucked him in the mill-pond and let the dam loose on him. Only yesterday the plagued thing went for my wife. Yes, sir, and he 'most knocked her down.

None of the other girls had taken part in this discussion; but they all chanced to be members of the party that had partaken of the famous spread in Number 30 when Nancy's money paid for the goodies out of the enjoyment of which she had been crowded. They were all, save Cora, paying the price, like Nancy, of being found out of their rooms after curfew by the principal of Pinewood Hall.

Lise was a truer daughter of her time and country in that she had the national contempt for law, was imbued with the American hero-worship of criminals that caused the bombardment of Cora Wellman's jail with candy, fruit and flowers and impassioned letters. Janet recalled there had been others before Mrs.

"Huh!" grunted Jennie. "Only Cora? Well! she can stand it, I guess." "Well, I don't know but she's right," wheezed Belle, who was also of the party. "They ought not to let such girls into a school like Pinewood Hall." "Hul-lo!" exclaimed Jennie, suddenly interested. "Who's been treading on your tootsies, Belle?" "Why, it's that Nelson girl," snapped Judy. "And what's Nancy been doing?"

Cora's eyes swept down the length of the barrier with a flash. There was just what she wanted! A gap in the fence! She could go through that in safety. But suppose the machine was brought to too sudden a stop in the mud? They would all be thrown out and perhaps injured. But it was the only thing to do. With a firm grasp of the wheel Cora sent the auto from the road.

They are coming in to-morrow to have dinner with us, every one of them!" he asserted more loudly, on account of the expression on his wife's face. "Bilton, and his wife, and all the five children, down to Cora Cordelia! So we'll have to have something for them to eat." If Mr. Gilton will never forget the cup and ball, Mrs. Gilton will never forget that moment.

Dearborn had examined him, and said he would be all right in a few days. "Oh, weren't you awfully frightened, Cora?" asked Bess, who, with her sister, had remained at the Kimball home. "Indeed I was, but I knew the car had to be stopped." "And it was going some," added Ed. "I can't see what motive Lem would have in starting the car," said Cora. "I never knew him to be malicious only worthless."

He fancied he could see she was feeling huffy again at his meagre praise of her work. Miss Snell, however, did not allow her to answer, but rapturously promised that Cora should sit as often as he liked, and paid no attention to the girl's protest that she had no time to spare.