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"That's my wise dearie!" nodded Mrs. Trapes. "And good luck to ye, Mr. Geoffrey, an' when you find that b'y, say as I wish ah, how I wish I was back of him with a toasting fork, that's all!" Mr. Ravenslee caught up the shabby hat, opened the door, and going out, closed it softly behind him. "Hermy," said Mrs.

It forked before the summit, where dark pine trees showed against the sky, one fork ascending, the other, which Piute took, beginning to go down. It admitted of no extended view, being shut in for the most part on the left, but there were times when Hare could see a curving stream of sheep on half a mile of descending trail.

"When Christ was born of Mary free, In Bethlehem, in that fair citye, Angels sang with mirth and glee, In Excelsis Gloria!" And Mary came. The brother and sister were at breakfast, the happiest which either of them had known for years, when there came a timid pull at the front-door bell. Miss Angelina laid down her knife and fork and looked across the table at Tom. "She has come.

"Here, catch the steak, Rutherford," John was saying cheerfully. And Clarence, with carving-knife and fork outheld, was making as neat a catch as possible. "Here, Tiddy, don't try to stagger in along under those biscuits. You made 'em. That kind takes two strong men I know, I've eaten your biscuits before." "I made these the regular way, with yeast," said Tiddy in an injured voice.

Instantly the young shot out of the cavity that held them, as if the tree had taken an emetic, and came softly down to the water beside their mother. Another observer assures me that he once found a newly hatched duckling hung by the neck in the fork of a bush under a tree in which a brood of Wood ducks had been hatched.

When we got to Lone Tree on Black's Fork we lay over one day to let our horses rest and to get rested ourselves. It was a little before sunrise that morning when we reached Lone Tree. I said to Jim, "Are you hungry?" He replied that he was too hungry to tell the truth. I answered, "All right, you take care of the horses, and I will get an Antelope and we will have a fine breakfast."

But I heard the voice of Steve; he discussed with his captors the sundry points of his capture. "Do you remember a haystack?" he asked. "Away up the south fork of Gros Ventre?" "That was Thursday afternoon," said one of the captors. "There was a shower." "Yes. It rained. We had you fooled that time. I was laying on the ledge above to report your movements." Several of them laughed.

The local word "shuppick," a corruption of "sheaf-pike," means a pike used for loading the sheaves of wheat in the harvest field on to the waggon, and is the "fork" in general use at hay-making.

'Why should I feel so queer last night if this was really nothing but a kitchen? "'Because you are a goose, I answered impatiently, 'and if you don't come I will leave you. If you like, you can engage boarding here for a week, and raise the tiles one by one with a knife and fork. As for me, I am going to breakfast.

At the same moment the bank director further indicated his astonishment and horror by slapping both hands upon his breast in a style worthy of Brutus when Rome was in peril. "What's the matter, squire?" demanded Captain John, dropping his knife and fork, and suspending the operation of his vigorous jaws till an explanation could be obtained. "I've left my coat on deck," replied Mr.