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The brigade is sugar, the regiments are carbonic acid, succinic acid, alcohol, and glycerine. From the time of Fabroni, onwards, it has been admitted that the agent by which this surprising rearrangement of the particles of the sugar is effected is the yeast.

It is then collected into the tun tub, and fermented with about a quart of yeast, which converts it into beer. But as table beer is sometimes brewed in considerable quantities for the use of large families, and in a still more economical manner, an estimate will be given, in order to show the saving that is made in private brewing. The following is a preparation for ten barrels.

One pint of milk; three eggs, well beaten; salt; one large spoon of butter; half a teacup of yeast, and as much flour as will make a thick batter. Pour into a cake pan and place in a warm spot to rise. Bake in moderate oven. When done, cut with sharp knife crosswise twice, pouring over each part drawn butter. Replacing the parts, cut then like cake, serving at once while hot.

For a certain weight of yeast formed, we may have ten times, twenty times, a hundred times as much sugar, or even more decomposed, as we shall experimentally prove by-and- bye; that is to say, that whilst the proportion varies in a precise manner, according to conditions which we shall have occasion to specify, it is also greatly out of proportion to the weight of the yeast.

Put the Indian in your bread-pan, sprinkle a little salt among it, and wet it thoroughly with scalding water. Stir it up while you are scalding it. Be sure and have hot water enough; for Indian absorbs a great deal of water. When it is cool, pour in your rye; add two gills of lively yeast, and mix it with water as stiff as you can knead it.

That's the only way the only way on earth to make a better democracy by putting the best we've got into it. You can't make bread rise from the outside. You've got to mix the yeast with the dough, if you want it to leaven the whole lump."

Rum is formed in somewhat the same way from molasses or cane juice. Name some alcoholic drinks. What is an unnatural thirst? Explain how the yeast plant forms alcohol. Tell how beer is made. Tell how wine is made. What is brandy? Which drinks contain most alcohol?

In short, he is disposed to draw from our observations the very opposite conclusion to that which we arrived at. M, Schutzenberger has failed to notice that the power of a ferment is independent of the time during which it performs its functions. We placed a trace of yeast in one litre of saccharine wort; it propagated, and all the sugar was decomposed.

You may increase the strength by stirring into your yeast before you bottle it, four or five large tea-spoonfuls of brown sugar, or as many table-spoonfuls of molasses. Put it into clean bottles, and cork them loosely till the fermentation is over. Next morning put in the corks tightly, and set the bottles in a cold place.

Just as the ordinary yeast germ multiplies in a sugar solution only, so the various microorganisms of disease thrive and multiply to the danger point only in their own peculiar and congenial kind of morbid matter.