He has had a hard task replacing the folios which were used in the barricade, smoothing out the creases And dog-ears, and repairing the other disasters they have sustained during their service in the Fortification.

Charlie spun the last wheel round after replacing the cap. "Where are you stopping with your men?" he demanded abruptly, as he let the jack down. "Just around," said Fyles evasively. "I see. On the prowl." Charlie smiled up into the man's shrewd, good-looking face. "You need to do some prowling around this valley if you're going to clean things up. Yes, and I'd say you need a mighty big broom."

As a means of replacing my character in its proper light of dispelling the clouds of calumny and misconception with which it has been darkened, I feel that my best course is to give a simple, dignified narration of the plain facts, and allow the unprejudiced to judge for themselves. My chief object, I candidly confess, is to clear myself from unjust aspersion.

Replacing the articles as nearly as possible in the position in which he found them, Durham turned his attention to the cave itself. The floor was rough and uneven. What sand clustered in the hollows was too much trampled upon to reveal any detail of the feet that had walked upon it.

"Oh, I don't mean to detain you now, of course " "But now that you have detained me?" she pursued, with no great polish of courtesy. The young man raised a hand and pushed back his hair, which was short but wavy. It was observed that he wore, doubtless in memory of his uncle, a mourning tie of grosgrain silk, replacing the piquant aquarium scene.

And, above all, there must be the slow steadfast growth of some replacing faith, which shall retain all the elements of moral beauty that once gave light to the old belief that has disappeared, and must still possess a living force in the new.

It was both a warning and a challenge, grim with its suggestiveness, eloquent with careless defiance. That was her first thought. "The fool he's making fun of you!" said Durkin, with a second passionate oath. Frank was slowly refolding the papers, and replacing them in the envelope. "I don't believe that's it," she said, meditatively. "I believe he is trying me making this a test!"

This was easily done by replacing a few of the outer stones and cementing them together. Some days yet remained before the opening of Parliament; during that time Percy, Catesby, Winter and others of the conspirators, formed such plans as would be to their advantage when the kingdom, shaken to its center by the death of the King and his ministers, should be thrown into confusion.

Now, if ever, the time had come for completing the unfinished work of restoration of 633, for making the Gracchan constitution share the fate of the tyrant, and for replacing the governing oligarchy in the sole possession of political power. Collision between the Senate and Equites in the Administration of the Provinces Everything depended on recovering the nomination of the jurymen.

This indicates how steadfast and measured is the march of the rock waste from the hills to the sea. Unhappily, man, when by his needs he is forced to till the soil, is compelled to break up this ancient and perfect order. He has to strip the living mantle from the earth, replacing it with growth of those species which serve his needs.