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When this was done to his liking he took it home under his arm. Very early on the third morning the two young men started on their journey, and on the fourth day they reached the giant's cave before he was out of bed.

"He is the honest-man-figure-head and book-keeper of the Cave. "What does our host, Mr. Picault do?" I said, to change the subject. What was my surprise when he answered: "Picault is the Arch Devil the organizer of the Cave the man who manipulates the Government for the profit of his accomplices.

I might be able to kill him as he slept, but not even with my companions could I roll away the great stone that closed the mouth of the cave. 'Dawn came, and the Cyclops awakened, kindled his fire and milked his flocks. Then he seized two others of my men and made ready for his mid-day meal. And now he rolled away the great stone and drove his flocks out of the cave.

The Ring was in the possession of Fafner, who had turned himself into a dragon, and in a lonely forest-girt cave guarded it and the rest of the treasure of the Nibelungen, for the sake of which he had killed Fasolt, his brother.

When it was done to a turn he gave them some of it to eat, and the two creatures devoured it with the greatest satisfaction. Then they left the cave and closed the opening with a great rock. In a short space of time they returned with another deer they had caught. The merchant skinned it, fetched fresh water, washed the meat and cooked several kettles full of it.

The African magician was so obstinate, that he would have the lamp before he would help him up; and Aladdin, who had encumbered himself so much with his fruit that he could not well get at it, refused to give it to him till he was out of the cave.

One heifer returned the cry, and, lowing from the depth of the dreary cave, baffled the hope of Cacus from her imprisonment. At this the grief and choler of Alcides blazed forth dark and infuriate. Seizing in his hand his club of heavy knotted oak, he seeks with swift pace the aery mountain steep.

"We'll guard it well, now," decided Tom, and later that day they moved some supplies near the hole, and for a shelter built an igloo, Eskimo fashion, in which work Abe had had some experience. Then they moved the airship to another ice cave, nearer their "mine" as they called it, and prepared to stand guard. But there seemed to be no need, for the following day there was no trace of the Fogers.

"Oh, yes, chief," said Edward, kindly, "we must explore the cavern. If bad spirits preside there, they will not harm us; you need not go; we shall think none the less of you for returning." "We are desirous to give this cave a thorough exploration, and while doing this, you get us some ducks for dinner," said the trapper.

Again they stood a few moments silently; then she drew a deep breath and began her prayer to the Great Mystery: "O, Great Mystery, we hear thy voice in the rushing waters below us! We hear thy whisper in the great oaks above! Our spirits are refreshed with thy breath from within this cave. O, hear our prayer! Behold this little boy and bless him!