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"Now what's up?" asked Teddy, as he came into the room where the girls had left their treasure. "So many things are happening all at once that it's enough to make a fellow's brain reel." "It all depends on the brain," said Billie, looking up at him with a twinkle in her eye. And all Teddy did was to look sad and reproachful. "Say, what shall I be doin' with this?" asked Mrs.

"Young man," he began, "you have found me. I had given up all hope of anyone doing so. I was not easily found, as I wrote in that note I left behind. You have found more than my mere body you have found my soul, my real self, and that was what I meant. And you have found something else, which is more important in your eyes you have found your reward the treasure of all treasures to me.

One treasure only he found, the jewelled table of Solomon, a famous ancient work of art which had long remained hidden from human sight. Of this wonderful relic we shall say no more here, for it has a history of its own, to be told in a future tale. On and on went the disappointed king, with nothing to satisfy his avarice or his curiosity.

I love you too well. But I know better than you can what a safeguard this will be, this disguise which is no longer a deception, since the one it was meant to deceive knows all and forgives it. It will rebuke the bold and hasty pretenders to a treasure you cannot safely part with, even by your own gift, as yet. You are still very young in some ways, my dear."

Here we left our treasure " Stooping, their light lifts the lids upon my eyes. "Safe! safe! safe!" the pulse of the house beats wildly. Waking, I cry "Oh, is this your buried treasure? The light in the heart." This is how it all came about. Six or seven of us were sitting one day after tea.

"When I got home again I felt an irresistible longing to see my singular treasure, and I took it out and, as I touched it, I felt a shiver go all through me. "For some days, however, I was in my ordinary condition, although the thought of that tress of hair was always present to my mind. "Whenever I came into the house I had to see it and take it in my, hands.

Millicent knew that Michael was seeing it as clearly as though they had been standing together under the golden stars, the tents dotted about on the pale night sands. She could hear the sick man reciting suras from the Koran in sonorous tones. "And she thinks he found the treasure?" Michael said the words absently, as though his mind was occupied with distant visions.

But the treasure that took Lancy's eyes directly he entered the room was the display of fishing-rods that hung on the opposite wall, and he stepped up at once to examine them. "That is a fine rod you have there," he remarked to Maxwell. "Yes, rather; fishing is my favorite sport.

"Oh, I'll stick by you," was the ready answer. "I've got no use for such scoundrels as Carey and Bossermann. I'm only livin' one life, and I'll live that honest like, God helpin' me." Night was coming on when they got the treasure to the surface of the ground. They hunted around diligently until they were almost certain they had everything of value.

It was now the great business of Hernando to collect a sufficient quantity of treasure to take with him to Castile.