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We all know men who literally will not stop work while awake, and when their task is near them. Such men must go away from their business and let Nature work on them awhile. Have your doctor look you over every six months, no matter how well you feel or oftener, if he thinks best. Have your regular physician. Pick out a good one, and, especially, a man congenial to yourself.

You insisted upon speaking kindly, and telling her that she is not a slave, now she thinks that she is one of your WIVES!" This was the real fact; the unfortunate Barrake had deceived herself; never having been free, she could not understand the use of freedom unless she was to be a wife.

In fact I can't afford any of the things my friends do, and I am afraid Judy often thinks me a bore because I don't play cards any longer, and because I am not as smartly dressed as the other women. But you will think me a bore too if I talk to you about my worries, and I only mention them because I want you to do me a favour the very greatest of favours."

It is the embodiment of a truth which no one thinks of denying that the spirit has its secrets.

I thought she didn't do any work 'cause she was lazy I mean 'cause she didn't want to. I didn't know she was sick. What d'sease has she got?" "Well, as near as I can make out," answered the doctor gravely, "she has a case of acute imagination. She thinks she is mourning, but she is too selfishly wrapped up in her own grief to see the sorrow of others.

It is you they are after. Then, too, I know what the British expect to do. Hans Brickman found out and he is almost frightened to death with his secret. He thinks the British will see his secret written all over him, and he is afraid to go into camp the patriot camp, you know. He has honey and butter to sell, and he sells to friend or foe. I've told him I will go with him to-night."

ONE thinks; but that this "one" is precisely the famous old "ego," is, to put it mildly, only a supposition, an assertion, and assuredly not an "immediate certainty." After all, one has even gone too far with this "one thinks" even the "one" contains an INTERPRETATION of the process, and does not belong to the process itself.

She saw him in his golden armour, mounted on his spirited steed, looking at her with eyes full of love. So she imagined him day and night. Looking out of window one day, and seeing a cloud floating on the horizon, she cried: "Floating Cloudlet soft and white, Pilgrim of the sky, I pray you for one moment, light On me your pitying eye. Where my love is can you tell? Thinks he of me ill or well?"

This was the first time the idea of conscious heroism came to her. She said rather breathlessly: "But are bodies wicked, doctor? Lots of people seem to think so. Aunt Janet thinks people's bodies are wrong. All saints seem to think that too." "They're very splendid and bonny if you can keep them in hand. Christ taught that bodies Humanity, that is are the veils of God.

I only know this, that when a man's used up with business he don't want to have any of that nonsense under his nose." "If you mean me " began John Kenneby. "I don't mean you; of course not; and I don't mean anybody. Here, take my coats, will you? and let me have a pair of slippers. If Mrs. Smiley thinks that I'm going to change my pants, or put myself about for her "