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Four rooms, exactly what I wanted, with a garden for the children to play in quite quiet, and fresh and pleasant. Tell me who the people are their name is Smith. If they're respectable, I'll go back and take it. I can afford the rent." "Near St Roque's? They belong to the church there. I daresay they are all right," said the doctor, "but it is a long way off, and inconvenient, and "

He was building Versailles: transplanting to its arid sands whole groves of full-grown trees from the depths of distant forests, and erecting the costly and fantastic marvel of Marli to afford a supply of water. Louis' buildings cost, first and last, a sum which would be represented by about twenty million pounds. The amount squandered on pensions was also very great.

And though, as I may say, you're taking some of our good works from us, which is property bearing interest, I'm not saying but we can afford that, though my mother and my wife had the good will to wish and do for Mordecai to the last; and a Jew must not be like a servant who works for reward though I see nothing against a reward if I can get it.

Storm could not have received more critical and serious attention if he had been a cooked terrapin. He could afford to stand this scrutiny, and he seemed to move about with the consciousness that he knew more about being a horse than his judges.

'Why, to Liverpool, says the other; 'you don't mean to say you come away without none, cheap as cloth was there? 'Why, yes, says the other cap'n, 'I can't afford to wear such clothes as those be, and I don't see how you can, either. 'Charge 'em to the ship, bless ye; the owners expect it.

This, sir, cannot be charged against you in a court of justice; but if, as I am informed, the officers of your regiment requested an explanation of such a rumour, as a gentleman and soldier I cannot but be surprised that you did not afford it to them. This was too much.

The most savage tribes content themselves with the productions of nature, confining their manufacture to a coarse and half-baked jar for carrying water; but the semi-savage, like those of Unyoro, afford an example of the first step toward manufacturing art, by their COPYING FROM NATURE. The utter savage makes use of nature the gourd is his utensil; and the more advanced natives of Unyoro adopt it as the model for their pottery.

I saw on one of the panes of glass of a window these words which she had traced with the point of a diamond I had given her: "You will forget Henriette." That prophecy was not likely to afford me any consolation. But had she attached its full meaning to the word "forget?"

His nature could afford to be magnanimous to the ungrateful incompetency that was able only in betrayal. It need not have given a pang to that proud and lonely spirit to welcome into the Cabinet the Earl of Buckinghamshire, who had wedded the one fair woman whose heart Pitt had won and lost. But the anguish of his soul was wrung into expression by the fall of Dundas.

You can't live on air, you know, and with the poor attendances he gets now, I don't see how he can afford to pay much." "I would work for very little," Shiel said. "I should be awfully sorry to give up now. I wonder if you would miss me at all?" "Of course I should!" Gladys retorted. "You have behaved admirably, and I am most grateful to you." "You needn't be grateful to me.