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What could I do? I went home that night to my lodgings at Passy more perplexed than ever I had been in my life before. The next morning I arrived at my office soon after nine. The problem had presented itself to me during the night of finding a new man of all work who would serve me on the same terms as that ungrateful wretch Theodore.

She was outwardly cold, but such affection as she was capable of she expended on this graceless and ungrateful boy. "You seem to forget that I may have some feeling in the matter," said Mrs. Brent coldly, but with inward pain. "If the result of this plan were to be that we should be permanently separated, I would never consent to it." "Just as you like, mother," said Jonas, with an ill grace.

I should be ungrateful were I to leave you for one moment in doubt as to my real sentiments: I cannot love you as I ought to love my husband.

He wore the dress of his period, but his spirit was very modern; he was a Vanderbilt or a Rothschild of the fifteenth century. He supplied the ungrateful Charles VII. with money to pay the troops who, under the heroic Maid, drove the English from French soil.

Nietzsche says that Bacchus is the God of Music, and Melchior's instinct was of the same opinion; but in his case his god was very ungrateful to him; far from giving him the ideas he lacked, he took away from him the few that he had. After his absurd marriage absurd in the eyes of the world, and therefore also in his own he gave himself up to it more and more.

Sebert's hand was lifted from the red cloak to touch the thin cheek caressingly. "I should be extreme ungrateful were I to say less, dear lad. There is a man's courage in your boy's body, and I think a woman could not be more faithful in her love How! Are you cold that you shiver so? Pull the corner of my cloak about you." But the page cast it off impatiently.

And have I done well to accept the hospitality, the more than maternal kindness, of my protectress, yet to detain from her the knowledge of my religion? but she shall know that a Catholic has as much gratitude as a Puritan that I have been thoughtless, but not wicked that in my wildest moments I have loved, respected, and honoured her and that the orphan boy might indeed be heedless, but was never ungrateful!"

There were days when the brute in him rose and clamored to strike Mary for tagging at his heels with coats and medicines, and Eliza for her lynxlike observation of every mouthful he ate. But he curbed the impulse, shamefacedly confessing himself to be ungrateful.

A feeling of anxiety went through the whole family; they feared that a new grave was about to be opened, and disquiet was painted on all countenances. Eva demanded, with a fervour which was not without its feverish excitement, that the Assessor should be fetched. He came immediately. "Forgive me!" exclaimed Eva, extending her hand to him, "I have been so ungrateful to you!

"I don't see any more to be proud of in your father than in mine," said Tom stoutly. "Your father wouldn't dare to go into that burning house like mine does. See there!" This was as Farmer Tallington rushed into the house again. Dick turned sharply upon his companion. "There isn't time to have it out now, Tom," he said in a whisper; "but I mean to punch your head for this, you ungrateful beggar.

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