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'What on airth's the maitter wi' ye, Sandy? said Robert. 'Eh, Robert! returned the shoemaker, and a tone of affection tinged the mournfulness with which he uttered the strange words 'eh, Robert! the Almichty will gang his ain gait, and I'm in his grup noo. 'He's had a stroke, said his wife, without removing her apron from her eyes. 'Ye maun gang to yer bed, said Robert, greatly concerned.

"A week is time enough to learn to adore such a being as you are, Miss Henley, though an age would not suffice to do justice to your merits. Say, have I your permission to speak to your father? I do not ask you yet to return my affection nay, I question if you can ever love as I do."

He allowed his son a handsome income, but seldom gave any other sign of parental affection writing irregularly and briefly. My friend, who had himself been born in India, and whose whole disposition was an ardent tropical one, was much hurt by this neglect. His mother was dead, and he had no other relation in the world to supply the blank.

Everything I possess I would joyfully give to my sweet love," looking at her with intense affection. "She is worth more than all I have beside." "But I want more than money and lands," persisted Cosin. "Mind, you have agreed to do whatever I may propose." "Yes. Anything you require. I trust you as my own soul."

Still, as this captain had certainly saved his life, he felt an affection for him, and hoped that he should be allowed to remain his slave, and not be sold to a stranger. As to asking to be liberated to be sent back to Era, he did not for a moment suppose that such a request would be granted, and he therefore did not make it.

Fanny Staunton's letter was overflowing with affection and with regrets for Helen's departure; and this, together with her descriptions of her own and her sister's amusements and occupations, made Helen's heart yearn more strongly than ever after the friends she had left.

I beg you will send copies of them by the several vessels. To hear from you, my most respected friend, will be the greatest happiness I can feel. The longer the letters you write, the more blessed with satisfaction I shall think myself. I hope you will not refuse me that pleasure as often as you can. I hope you will ever preserve that affection which I return by the tenderest sentiments.

But experience will teach, first, that everything of thought and affection even with spirits of hell flows in from heaven, but that the inflowing good is turned into evil there and truth into falsity, thus everything into its opposite.

"Because it is just here, madame, that we each had a rendezvous on our arrival, and on the happy day of their entry in Paris my friends conceived an affection for the wine and the cooking of M. Fournichon. But you, how did you come to choose this place?"

On one hand, so much is due to the wishes of your late husband, in every point of view, that if Lord Vargrave be worthy of Evelyn's esteem and affection, it would be most desirable that she should prefer him to all others.