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At one side of Margaret her mother sat, at the other was myself, and I think I was that time their only escort. "What a fright!" said Margaret in my ear, as one of the actresses came upon the stage with an affected gait, and a look of thinking herself mighty fine and irresistible. "'Tis a slander, this." "Of whom?" I asked. "Of the fine ladies these poor things pretend to represent."

"I suppose she thinks of herself as representing her father in a nest of Papists. Evidently Augustina has no chance with her she has been accustomed to reign! Well, we shall let her 'gang her gait." His mouth, which was full and strongly closed, took a slight expression of contempt.

"In his person," says Sir William Forbes, "Doctor Beattie was of the middle size, though not elegantly yet not awkwardly formed, but with something of a slouch in his gait. His eyes were black and piercing, with an expression of sensibility somewhat bordering on melancholy; except when engaged in cheerful and social intercourse with his friends, when they were exceedingly animated."

Extraordinary stories were told of his gait, his speed, and his wind, and when old Montgomery of the 'triangle-bar' outfit came out plump at Well's Hotel in Clayton, and in presence of witnesses said he'd give one thousand dollars cash for him safe in a box-car, providing the stories were true, a dozen young cow-punchers were eager to cut loose and win the purse, as soon as present engagements were up.

Nor, on the other hand, does he care for the country hoyden, whose mind and person have never risen above the cheese-tub, with red hands, awkward gait, loud voice, and limited conversation. He has read too much, in his quiet way, and observed too much, in his quiet way, also, for that.

The old gentleman elbowed the people aside, and forced his way through the midst of them with a singular kind of gait, rolling his body hither and thither, so that he needed twice as much room as any other person there. "Make way, sir!" he would cry out, in a loud, harsh voice, when somebody happened to interrupt his progress.—"Sir, you intrude your person into the public thoroughfare!"

Just then he became aware of the colt's light hoofbeats and looked up. He was tall and slight but very erect, and his face lighted up with a smile absolutely illuminating as he recognized his approaching friends. The girl bent forward to say: "One bell, Shashai." Whereupon her mount slackened his gait to the gentlest amble, but the dog went bounding on to greet the newcomer.

And then how it happened she was utterly unable to realize as if he had dropped from the sky a man stood suddenly in her path. He wore a pith helmet dragged forward over his eyes, and she was too dazzled by the sun to see his face. But there was something something in his gait, his figure, his attitude that sent a wild thrill through her, waking her to vivid, pulsing life.

His high Roman nose, penthouse brows, quick jetty eye, square well-hung chin, and above all his sturdy, decided gait all marked him for a Man every inch, and he did not belie his appearance, for no manlier being walks broad England than Robert Cassall. He was listening a little fretfully to his niece, but her strength and sweetness kept him from becoming too touchy.

"Co on to Europe." "But I cannot intrude " "You do not intrude, nor do you in the least embarrass my project. Passepartout!" "Monsieur." "Go to the Carnatic, and engage three cabins." Passepartout, delighted that the young woman, who was very gracious to him, was going to continue the journey with them, went off at a brisk gait to obey his master's order.