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And I should often like to sleep at night when I cannot; and then I get up softly, without waking Phoebe, and look out at the bright stars, and think over all we are told about them about their being all full of men and women. Did you know that, George?" asked she George being now at the window. "Oh, yes," answered Matilda for him, "we know all about those things."

A cotton wick flickered in a small lamp of the old Roman type. It was consuming a crude variety of castor oil, and its gamboge-colored flame clothed the smoke-darkened rafters and mud walls in somber yet vivid tints that would have gladdened the heart of a Rubens. This scenic effect, admirable to an artist, was lost on a girl waking in affright and startled by unfamiliar surroundings.

Based on an effect Dunne observed and described dreams obviously related to some waking event, but preceding rather than following the event to which they are related. I read Dunne's Experiment with Time some years before the war, and once, when I had nothing better to do, I recorded dreams for about a month. I got a few doubtful-to-fair examples, and two unmistakable Dunne-Effect dreams.

Because of the Coat of Arms emblazoned beneath the miniature. The same heraldic design that had first shaken her to the heart. Sleeping or waking it was ever before her eyes: A lion, proper, quartered in a field of gules, and a dog, improper, three-quarters in a field of buckwheat.

How much have you got now, after only two years of business? It was time-wasting, that's what it was, and you know it." "It was outdoors," said Payne. They were silent for a while. "Roger," said Tibbetts sorrowfully, "are you beginning to turn dreamer?" "No," said Payne emphatically, "I'm waking up. I'm like a man who's been asleep for the last two years. I'm just coming out of it.

Imagination therefore is nothing but Decaying Sense; and is found in men, and many other living Creatures, as well sleeping, as waking. Memory

He was out on life's waters, paddling hard for the gleam of gold, and he had no time to stop and consider whither it was leading him. It might vanish while he lingered. There was another person whose opinion he was anxious to get on this vexed question. He wondered every waking hour what she would think of his going. Perhaps she didn't think about it at all, he speculated miserably.

The wonderful event occupied every mind, and filled the Brothers and Sisters with amazement. But no one except Carmen had seen him as yet. He had slept until near noon, recovering some of his lost strength, and his daughter had sat quietly watching by him during the whole morning, so that his first waking glance might fall on her.

Sipiagin asked as if waking up; and without giving Paklin time to repeat his request, he proved in the most unmistakable manner that he had heard every word, and had merely asked his questions for the sake of dignity, by offering him his cigar-case. Paklin took a cigar gratefully and lighted it with care. "Here's a good opportunity," he thought, but Sipiagin had anticipated him.

Colley's reminiscences were interrupted by loud applause from the theater; the present seldom gives the past a long hearing. The old war-horse cocked his ears. "It is Woffington speaking the epilogue," said Quin. "Oh, she has got the length of their foot, somehow," said a small actress. "And the breadth of their hands, too," said Pomander, waking from a nap.