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In this copy the printer, as a satire on the age, omitted the word "not" from the seventh commandment, and for this piece of waggery was heavily fined, the money going, it is said, to establish the first Greek press ever erected at Oxford. Among its "first editions" the library has that of Homer, 1488, and that of Dante, 1472.

This word is Jauna, or as it is pronounced, Khauna, a word in constant use amongst the Basques, and which is the Khan of the Mongols and Mandchous, and of the same signification Lord.

The colonel stopped speaking short when they flung that question at him. His face changed. He turned serious all over. And he let loose jest one word: "NO!" Not very loud, but with a ring in it that sounded like danger. And he got 'em waiting agin, and hanging on his words. "No!" he repeats, louder, "not all. I have this to say to you "

She was sure of the whole word, now, but the majority of the children sat with their pencils in their mouths, unable to think of any word that would fit in place beside the one already written.

The Countess du Barry was diverting the company with accounts of the hypocrisy of the Empress of Austria; and to prove it, she drew from her pocket-book a letter, saying: 'Hear what the Cardinal de Rohan says about her. Now, cardinal, do you still deny that you correspond with her?" "I do deny it," said the prince, firmly. "I deny that I ever have written her a word."

I could not utter a word, for I felt as if I were choking. I looked at this animal whose long yellow hair reminded me of a straw heap, and the beggar, embarrassed by my gaze, stopped laughing, turned his head aside, and wanted to get away. "All day long I wandered beside the little river, giving way to painful reflections. But what was the use of reflection? I could be sure of nothing.

Will you name an hour for to-morrow morning? Yours, H. G. When Mary read this, which she did as they were sitting on the lawn after dinner, she did not hesitate for a moment. Hardly a word had been said to her by Fenwick, or his wife, since his return from the Privets. They did not wish to show themselves to be angry with her, but they found conversation to be almost impossible.

Physical science, through the facts presented to it, has already been driven to the opinion that the earth itself, man’s dwelling place in the broadest sense of the word, has undergone evolution.

Keraunus expected some greeting, but Hadrian spoke not a word, cast a glance at him of the utmost contempt and passed by him without taking any more notice of him than if he had been a pillar or a piece of furniture. The blood mounted to the steward's head and heated his eyes and for fully a minute he strove in vain to find words to give utterance to his rage.

I don't think either of us could bear it just then: Harold went up to his room without a word; I stayed to tell that he had seen me home from church, and say a little about the fearful weather, and then ran up myself, to give orders, as Mr. Yolland had advised me, that some strong hot coffee should be taken at once to Harold's room.