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"Reading, spelling, writing, geography, arithmetic, and grammar." "My! What are all them things?" "Don't you know what reading is?" "Yes, I know them first three; but what's the long words?" "Well, geography is about the earth." "Earth? What do you mean, dirt?" "Some and some water, and some hills, and rivers, and cities, and mountains." "But you can see all them things."

"Receive also my oath, Empress Elizabeth," said Alexis, falling upon his knees before her, "receive the oaths of your slaves who desire nothing but to devote their bodies and souls to your service!" "Let me, also, do homage to you, Empress Elizabeth!" exclaimed Woronzow, falling to the earth.

The poor little beast calmed down after being well lashed, but his wildness then changed into stubbornness. He stood still on his four legs, which were trembling furiously, and refused to move. With his neck stretched towards the ground, his eye fixed, and his nostrils dilating, he would not budge any more than a stake in the earth.

He bent his gaze in anguish afresh on the dead girl, now almost buried under stone and earth, and murmured: "Pascherette, I come! I see beyond the blue ocean and the golden horizon the throne of my gods. Come, golden one, let us go. There will our faithfulness meet just reward!"

"What on earth have you been crying about, poor child?" My father answered for her. "She's been guilty of most incredible impertinence." "That's strange," said the old servant. "That's not a bit like her, with her happy, humble ways with all of us." "That may be," said my father, "but it's just as I feared. She's got all the ideas of her father's family.

He was six feet three and a half, which is about two and a half inches more than is necessary for beauty and suitability, to quote Clarence again; but quite what they wanted just here. "But where on earth to get a chorus!" wailed Clarence, after a rehearsal in the big Hewitt parlor. They were keeping it more or less a family affair.

Our facilities for creating are so immensely superior to those of earth that but a brief period is required for producing a result. The remaining time is devoted mainly to the development of the mind, to amusement, and to scientific research. I stated in the beginning of my letter that I was visiting the home of Abraham Lincoln.

The box on the ground was a battery. The wire from the battery was connected with a firework bomb, which, when Tuxall pressed the switch, exploded, releasing a flaming 'dropper. About the time the 'dropper' reached the earth Tuxall lighted up his well-oiled barn.

Has it ever happened to you, when you were walking alone and in contemplative mood, to lie flat on your face in the grassy underbrush of a forest, amid the peculiar vegetation, of many and varying species, that grows between the fallen autumn leaves, and to let your eyes stray along the level of the earth before you?

"You can come in if you like," she said. "I'm quite dressed all except the handkerchief." "Thank you; but I won't come in," he answered. "We mustn't shock anybody. If you could bring a chair out, I could manage quite well." She fetched the chair. "If anyone comes down the passage, they'll wonder what on earth we are doing," she remarked.

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