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"Report to me here in my office at eighteen hours, Bond." "Yes, sir." "And you might be sure your people are all in quarters this evening." Bond nodded. "They will be, sir." "That's all." Morely flicked the disconnect switch. He got up, strode around the office, then consulted his watch. There would be time for a cup of coffee before Bond arrived.

Switch to Federation frequency." Rip did so. "This is Foster, Commander." "Lad, it’s a pity for ye to miss the show. I’m sending a boat for ye." "The sun will get it!" Rip exclaimed. "Never fear, lad. It won’t get this one. Now switch back to universal and listen in." Rip did so in time to catch the Connie commander’s voice. "... and I refuse to believe such a story!

Let the boy scrawl a bit; perhaps it won't hurt him. Go in and see him if you must, but do try not to upset him or All right, all right. But please Mr. Tilman, my switch " "Very well Nana. I'll leave it. This time." "Thank you, Mr. Tilman." "So we understand each other, Nana.

The British were sweeping everything before them, when Colonel Mawhood, the cool-headed officer, who had been sitting on a little brown pony, with a small switch in his hand, directing the combat, became aware of a large body of men coming up on his right flank through the wood.

"It has all been very mysterious," said Winbush, "and I have not been able to understand my master at all. What I have said about hearing a noise in the passage and being seized before I could switch on the light in the dining-room is all true, but the stuff which was put into my face and made me unconscious wasn't there before I had time to call out." "You called out, then?"

He waited for a while to make doubly sure that no one was left behind, and then he walked straight up to the rock, just as he had seen the old man do. He plucked a switch from the bush, just as he had seen the old man pluck one, and struck the stone, just as the old man had struck it. "I command thee to open," said he, "in the name of the red Aldebaran!"

"She'd never dream of lifting a finger against Bennie no matter what he did. And she lives in terror that he'll cut her switch in some temper tantrum." "Hmph! Well, I'm going up right now and tell her if I hear another word from her about spanking Bennie, I'll cut her switch myself. Then she can go back to Central for reprogramming and see how she likes it." "Ben! You wouldn't." "Why not?

Take them to Reception Hall until I signal from Audience Hall, then herd them in." He flipped back the switch and turned back. "We'll have to let them wait or they'll think we're worried. But you see everything's going along normal lines." Blount nodded, but his face showed disbelief.

"He never takes his eyes from her, and I believe that the girl is here against her will." "Indiman! " I began, but he cut me short. "I know it, I tell you, and I'm going to take her away. Do you see that electric-light switch on the wall behind you?"

At last he found the right door and the proper light switch, and stood in the big, shining white kitchen, looking about him helplessly at all the complicated apparatus of cookery, clean, polished, and complete, and utterly useless to him.