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That the place was haunted by the spirit of the late Silas Deemer was now well known to every resident of Hillbrook, though many affected disbelief. Of these the hardiest, and in a general way the youngest, threw stones against the front of the building, the only part accessible, but carefully missed the unshuttered windows. Incredulity had not grown to malice.

A Century's Progress, p. 105-6. Spinoza, by J. Allanson Picton, p. 213. So far, of course, as such an attitude may be the outcome of an antecedent disbelief in God, it is perfectly logical; only we have no common ground with those who take that view.

In fact, he had himself set the fashion of a semi-professed infidelity; and amid his most intimate associates there were many to adopt with readiness a theory which saved them from the trouble and expense of a scrupulous conscience. With Bruce this infidelity was rather the decay of faith than the growth of positive disbelief.

And bowing to the Coroner, he waited for his dismissal, and receiving it, walked back not to his lonely corner, but to his former place between his father and brother, who received him with a wistful air and strange looks of mingled hope and disbelief. "The jury will render their verdict on Monday morning," announced the Coroner, and adjourned the inquiry.

The room in the chief engineer's quarters at the atmosphere station was crowded with workers, enlisted Solar Guardsmen and officers of the Solar Guard. They stood around staring in disbelief at the three disheveled cadets. "But how did you ever survive?" asked Strong.

Then, if I can have an old razor blade and permission to take the receiver off the telephone for a while, I can make a radio!" The scientist, the girls, and Scotty looked at him with disbelief. "He's gone off his rocker at last," Scotty muttered. "How can anyone make a radio out of junk?" "I'll need a pencil stub, a few screws, and a piece of board," Rick added. "A safety pin would help, too."

Hamilton was supposed to be, he was not quite prepared to give credit to this explanation; but being of a peaceful disposition, and altogether unaccustomed to retort, he merely smiled his disbelief, as he proceeded to lay aside his fowling-piece, and divest himself of the voluminous out-of-door trappings with which he was clad. Mr. Hamilton was a tall, slender youth, of about nineteen.

But disbelief in divine beings, and the eternal nature of truth, cannot long be concealed by pouring the usual libations, or maintaining a cautious reserve. The whispered opinions of false philosophers will soon be loudly echoed by the popular voice, which is less timid, because it is more honest.

This single argument of religion solves every difficulty, and leaves the mind in fortitude and peace; whilst the pride of sceptical philosophy traces whole volumes, only to establish the doubts, and nourish the despair, of its disciples. Adieu. I cannot conclude better than with these reflections, at a time when disbelief is something too fashionable even amongst our countrymen. Yours, &c.

Washer with absolute disbelief. "What'll you take for it?" "I told you it was sold. Here's the contract." And, with great satisfaction, Courtney passed over the document. "Two million six hundred and fifty!" snorted Washer. "That's half a million more than it's worth." "You told my friends you intended to buy the railroad plot at three and a half," Courtney gladly reminded him.