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For a full moment she stared at him stupefied. Then she said slowly, through set, white lips: "You wouldn't do that?" "Why shouldn't I?" His tone was more gentle. "He has broken the laws of the air. Time and again he sent messages on 600, a radio wave length reserved to coast and ship service alone. He has hindered sea traffic and once narrowly escaped being the death of brave men at sea."

Then there is a second sort where the operator listens in only during specified hours when the office is open for business. A third class has no fixed hours at all, the radio man just listening the first ten minutes of each hour." "So the men just suit themselves, eh?" "Suit themselves! You bet they don't," laughed Walter. "The government defines their hours when their license is issued.

Dark reached over and set the groundcar's radio dial on the frequency which had been agreed on for emergency Phoenix broadcasts during this operation. If government monitors caught the broadcasts and jammed them, there were alternate channels chosen. With only about two dozen radio stations on all Mars, plus the official aircraft and groundcar band, there was plenty of free room in the air.

He snapped the aerial switch into sending, began to "jiggle" the key alphabetically, and the spark leaped with successive spits across the gap. "Cub's got his goat back," Hal remarked with a knowing look at Bud. The latter grinned and nodded his concurrence. Mathematics or Geography? But the morning proved to be a poor time for communication by radio for two reasons.

"That's two hours too long, and there's no way of getting more oxygen out of the gills than we're getting now. We'll just have to use less. Everybody lie down and breathe as shallowly as possible, and don't do anything to use energy. I'm going to get on the radio and see what I can raise." Big chance, I thought.

Wouldn't talk much, either they may intercept our wave, narrow as it is." "Better yet, shut off your radio entirely. When we get close enough together, we'll use the hand-language. You may not know that you know it, but you do. Turn your heaviest searchlight toward me I'll do the same." There was a click as Dunark's power was shut off abruptly, and Seaton grinned as he cut his own.

At the sixth trial nothing apparently happened; whereupon the wire was drawn in and a two-hundred-pound mass of steel was lowered until it was in firm and quiescent contact with the solid rock of the planet. "Now you may try your radio," Adams said. Deston flipped a switch and spoke, quietly but clearly, into a microphone. "Procyon One to Control Six. Flight Eight Four Nine.

The forward speed of the Sandra decreased to four hundred miles an hour, and still the Hawk studied the massive body behind.... A sputter sounded in the radio receiver. Carse turned away from the electelscope and listened to the heavy Venusian voice that was suddenly speaking to him from it. "Carse, I've got you! You've seen our ray, of course, but have you looked at your speed-indicator?

Bahá’í literature has been disseminated as far north as Upernavik, Greenland, above the Arctic Circle. The Bahá’í message has been broadcast by radio as far south as Magallanes. The area of land dedicated to the Mashriqu’l-Adhkár of Persia has increased by almost a quarter-million square meters.

The use of atom bombs was, therefore, again postponed. But they would be used if necessary. Meanwhile, against such an emergency, the areas of evacuation would be enlarged. People would be removed from additional territory so if bombs were used there would be no humans near to be harmed. Another commercial. Lockley turned off the radio. "What do you think?" asked Jill.

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