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He looked on open-mouthed while his wallet was looted of its contents. "Every now and then I win a little one," the gambler announced as he politely returned the bill-case to its owner. He lifted another shell, and by some sleight-of-hand managed to replace the pellet upon the table, then gravely flipped a five-dollar gold piece to one of his boosters.

The plane circled and circled, estimating the landing conditions. It swung away to arrive at a satisfactory approach path. It wavered. It made a half-wingover, and it side-slipped crazily, and came up and stalled and flipped on its back and dived.... And it came out of its insane antics barely twenty feet above the ground. It raced away as close as possible to touching its wheels to earth.

He sat down, ran his fingers through his grey-brown hair, and looking into a mirror, adjusted the bow of his tie, and flipped the flying ends. The kind of man was new to Gaston: self-indulgent, intelligent, heavily nourished, nonchalant, with a coarse kind of handsomeness. He felt that here was a man of the world, equipped mentally cap-a-pie, as keen as cruel.

"Now then," said Billie, "I'm going in to town myself." "Not much," declared Adrian. "I'm going." "I'd offer to go myself," laughed the corporal, "but I don't know the place." "We'll toss for it," said Billie. "All right," and Adrian produced a coin. "Heads I win. Tails you lose." "No funny business," said Billie. "Choose heads if you want." Adrian flipped the coin. It came down heads up.

I know it, for I saw it in your eyes when you first looked at me. You needn't kick, for you've got to fall into line. Here's a little trick I picked out for you on my way over." He flicked a two-carat diamond solitaire ring across the table. Miss Asher flipped it back to him with her fork. "Don't get fresh," she said, severely. "I'm worth a hundred thousand dollars," said Platt.

He ceased his soliloquy as he glanced ahead and noticed the trim figure of Medaine Robinette swinging along the road, old Lost Wing, as usual, trailing in her rear, astride a calico pony and leading the saddle horse which she evidently had become tired of riding. A small switch was in one hand, and she flipped it at the new leaves of the aspens and the broad-leafed mullens beside the road.

"Not this kind. You take it and buy smokes." He flipped the dollar into the dinghy. It fell clinking on the slatted floor and the youth salvaged it, looked it over, put it in his pocket. "Gee," he said. "Any time a guy hands me money, I keep it, believe me." His gaze rested curiously on the man with the patch over his eye. His familiar grin faded. He touched his cap. "Thank y', sir."

Pretty soon a spider went crawling up my shoulder, and I flipped it off and it lit in the candle; and before I could budge it was all shriveled up. I didn't need anybody to tell me that that was an awful bad sign and would fetch me some bad luck, so I was scared and most shook the clothes off of me.

Andy watched Yale's opponents go through their snappy practice. "They're big and beefy," he murmured, "but we can do 'em. We've got to! Yale has got to win!" The captains consulted, the coin was flipped, and Harvard was to kick off. The teams gathered in a knot at either end of the field for a last consultation. Then the new ball was put in the center of the field.

Search every spot he went near. That key must be found in minutes. Commandeer as many men as can help in the search without getting in the way." He paused a moment, then flipped another intercom key. "Mr. Blackhawk," he said. The intercom warmed at the far end. "Yes sir?" Mike's voice was relaxed. "Is there any way to turn off Hot Rod without the Security key?" "Why sure, captain."