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At the further end of the table, a little pile of medicinal herbs heaped as if shaken hastily from the wallet which lay beside them. Probably the holy man, even while at an early hour he broke his fast, had been called to some sick bedside. Mora turned from the doorway and, shading her eyes, scanned the landscape.

I carried a few extra garments in a knapsack strapped to my back, and my few guineas were safely stowed in a wallet beneath my belt. For a mile or two after leaving the captain I was in as black a fit of the dumps as ever beset a man. I was but halfway through my eighteenth year, and had as yet never gone more than ten miles from my native town, nor slept a night away from home.

He has been putting bite about in his wallet and his stomach since ever we sat down. Appin ways, no doubt." "Biadh an diugh, cogadh a maireach food to-day, war to-morrow," said the son of kings. "Royal's my race! A man should aye be laying in as he goes: if I had not had my wallet on Loch Leven-side, I ken some gentry who would have been as hungry as common herds, and with nothing to help it."

What do you think? When Aunt Martha gave friend wife that newfangled camera this Spring I had a hunch that the dealers in photographic supplies would be joyously shrieking the return of good times and hot-footing it to the bank with the contents of my wallet. Peaches just grabbed that camera and went after everybody and everything in the neighborhood.

He wanted her to have the pleasure and surprise of receiving it at once; and he wanted the thrill of feeling that he was man enough not only to be self-supporting, but to help care for his sister. He wrapped the coin in a bit of tissue-paper, torn from the shaving-case Flip had sent him in the delayed Christmas box. Then he carefully put it in the inner pocket of the old wallet he carried.

Cooke sat down and drew a wallet from his pocket. He began to count the bills, and, as if by common consent, the Four followed suit. It was a task which occupied some minutes, and when completed my client produced a morocco note-book and a pencil. He glanced interrogatively at the man nearest him. "Three hundred and fifty." Mr. Cooke put it down. It was entirely a matter of course.

Its chief town was Helicarnassus. Socrates. Stone the miscreant; stone him with many stones; clod him with clods; pot him with pots; let the culprit feel your sticks; leave him no way out. At him, Plato! come, Chrysippus, let him have it! Shoulder to shoulder, close the ranks; Let wallet succor wallet, staff aid staff! We are all parties in this war; not one of us but he has assailed.

"As he was not allowed to see Clotilde," says Fredegaire, "Clovis charged a certain Roman, named Aurelian, to use all his wit to come nigh her. Aurelian repaired alone to the spot, clothed in rags and with his wallet upon his back, like a mendicant. To insure confidence in himself he took with him the ring of Clovis.

'You will be safe here, but you must keep still till the Master comes. 'Is the Frankish lady here? I asked. Hussin nodded, and from a wallet brought out some food raisins and cold meat and a loaf of bread. We fell on it like vultures, and as we ate Hussin disappeared. I noticed that he locked the door behind him. As soon as the meal was ended the others returned to their interrupted sleep.

Louis Wheeler pulled out a well filled wallet and handed over two ten dollar bills and a five. "Is that satisfactory?" he asked. "Quite so. You seem better provided with money than when I saw you last." "True. I was then in temporary difficulty. But I made a good turn in stocks and I am on my feet again."