In an endeavor to enforce this law the railroad and warehouse commission brought suit against Munn and Scott, a warehouse firm in Chicago, for failure to take out the license required by the act. The suit, known as Munn vs.

Another little visit to the seashore would suit her better, and as Grandma could not be prevailed upon to leave the babies, Jo took Beth down to the quiet place, where she could live much in the open air, and let the fresh sea breezes blow a little color into her pale cheeks.

The silence which followed his speech was broken by Clay, who sat with his foot on the rim of the fountain, balancing on the hind legs of his chair, and looking thoughtfully at the slender jet as it rose and fell. He still wore the dress suit in which he had figured on the Commencement platform in the afternoon, and which set off the aristocratic grace of his slight figure.

Things were going to suit him and they had had a way of eluding him in the past. Perhaps, he thought, because he had always wanted them just his way. Somewhere, above stairs, Doris was singing, and Nancy from another part of the house was calling out little joyous remarks. "Two telegrams in one day, Aunt Doris. Such riches!"

He had seen Betty, transformed from a humble companion into a magnificent and glittering marchioness, as a chrysalis is transformed into a butterfly, urge her strange suit against the husband who had tricked her, and whom she had tricked, and, for the while at any rate, more than hold her own, thanks to her ready wit and native strength of character.

I did indeed feel great disquiet at the thought of the wild work my husband might be witnessing, and finding Spira's conversation too warlike to suit my taste, walked homewards slowly, bidding her follow with the marketings. In our sitting-room I found Mr Popham! He came up and took my two hands in his, as if he had been the friend of a lifetime, instead of the acquaintance of an evening.

It is needless to detail the conversation; suffice it to say that the artful barrister did not leave his brother till he had gained his point, till Joseph Brandon had promised to remain at Bath in possession of the house and establishment of his brother; to throw no impediment on the suit of Mauleverer; to cultivate society, as before; and above all, not to alarm Lucy, who evidently did not yet favour Mauleverer exclusively, by hinting to her the hopes and expectations of her uncle and father.

The rounded form of the minute patches of earthy substance, and the steps in the progress of their perfect formation, which can be followed in a suit of specimens, clearly show that they are due either to some power of aggregation in the earthy particles amongst themselves, or more probably to a strong attraction between the atoms of the carbonate of line, and consequently to the segregation of the earthy extraneous matter.

"I should like a little, Mr. Chapin, if you please." "Well, I intended coming down to see you, but I have been so busy that I have not been able. That carriage of mine which you did up a few weeks ago does not suit me altogether." "What is the matter with it?" "I don't like the style of trimming, for one thing; it has a common look to me." "It is precisely what Mrs. Chapin ordered.

And how shall I look, if I go and give her a false name, and then she comes to Bayne and learns my right one? No, I'll keep my name back, if I can; but I'll never disown it. I'm not ashamed of it, if you are." This reduced poor Mrs. Little to silence; followed, in due course, by a few meek, clandestine tears. Henry put on his new tweed suit and hat, and went up to the villa.