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I don't like referring to it again, but d n it all, my interest in you personally makes me feel very strongly over your interview with this Tom Armstrong." "Indeed, Mr. Stewart, I can't tell you how sorry I am to have fallen in your estimation. But you were speaking of Alf Morris when I unfortunately drew you from the subject." "Ay. To return to Morris.

King Kitticut, so completely surprised that he was bewildered, gazed at the approaching host with terror and grief. "They are the men of Regos and Coregos!" he groaned. "We are, indeed, lost!" Then he bethought himself, for the first time, of his wonderful pearls. Turning quickly, he ran back into the palace and hastened to the hall where the treasures were hidden.

Nor will any condition of mere truce, or of mere mechanical equilibrium, suffice. Nothing suffices but a reciprocation so active and total that each is constantly resolving itself into the other. The notion of Rousseau, which is countenanced by much of the phraseology, to say the least, of the present day, was, indeed, quite contrary to this.

It is true that there is a mention of a bodice for Eve, but probably the donnee of the play was after the Fall. Indeed, anybody who cares to examine the age of Shakespeare will see that archaeology was one of its special characteristics.

Indeed, he indulges in very cheap and gross criticism of the life of our Lord. His attitude toward Christianity was not at all kindly; indeed, the movement, up to the present, has been distinguished for nothing more than its hostility to the Christian religion.

Indeed it began to look as though the plucky little ship would escape after all, for she was now beyond range of all but the Huascar's heaviest guns, while the Union had been obliged to slacken speed considerably in order to enable her to get her wreckage cleared away.

This was the judgment and good counsel of that learned and pious Prelate: And having, by long experience, found the truth and benefit of it, I conceive, I could not without ingratitude to him, and want of charity to others, conceal it. Pray pardon this rude, and, I fear impertinent scribble, which, if nothing else, may signify thus much, that I am willing to obey your desires, and am indeed,

"Do not think me ungrateful, then, when I say I come to resign my office, to leave the house where I have been so happy." Trevanion. "Leave the house! Pooh! I have over-tasked you. I will be more merciful in future. You must forgive a political economist; it is the fault of my sect to look upon men as machines." "No, indeed; that is not it!

"So!" murmured Paul, and he nodded his head. "Yes," said Boris, "and if it is of any interest to you to know it, I propose to marry the lady." "Indeed!" said Paul. He placed the picture carefully in his breast-pocket. "You must forgive my being rude," he added, "but I should not now be in this country if I had not every intention of marrying the lady myself."

It is, indeed, possible that this Gospel was the source from which all this second series of "Logia" was derived, or they, or some of them, may perhaps have been taken from the Gospel according to the Egyptians, to which Professor Harnack and others have referred the "Logia" found in 1897.