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"My lover," she said, and Paul's heart leaped with wild joy at the words, "my lover for this one day listen while I tell what I can hide from you no longer." And then with halting words she told him of her peril. "That house where you stayed last night," she said, "it is the home of my cousin Boris," and a sudden shudder passed over her as she spoke the name.

"The right to fall in love with my daughter I cannot deny you, nor the right to ask me for the hand of my daughter, but what you just said sounded rather as if you were asking me in Billy's name for your own hand." "I wanted to be open and loyal toward you," replied Boris. "Oh, did you?" remarked the count.

"The other reason is the arrival of our relative, Boris Pavlovich Raisky. For my misfortune he scarcely ever leaves the house, so that for a fortnight I did hardly anything except hide from him. What an abundance of reason, of different kinds of knowledge, of brilliance, of talent he brought with him, and with it all what unrest. He upsets the whole household.

She had evidently been weeping but that fact did not much soothe his sense of wrong and injustice. He felt that he had been put aside in some measure. He was not sure that even now Thora had been weeping for his loss. He told himself, she was just as likely to have been mourning for Boris. He felt that he was unjustly angry but, oh, he was so hopeless!

She'll be all right by-and-by, but she can't stand any of you now; you must leave her alone." Boris came up to Kitty, put his arms round her neck, and kissed her. His kiss was of the deepest consolation to her; she walked away with him slowly, and Nell took Hester's hand. Nell's face was like a little white sheet; she was trembling in her agitation. "Oh, what is the matter?" she gasped.

"Alec knows that after you there is no one in the world whom I like as well as I like him, so if he sometimes feels snubbed it won't hurt him." "A la bonheur!" I cried, "who says there are no thunderstorms in April?" "Are you ready?" chanted Boris. "Aye ready;" and arm-in-arm we raced into the dining-room, scandalizing the servants.

All this progresse ended, both the Emperor and Empresse returned to Mosco: shortly after the Emperor by the direction of the prince Boris Pheodorowich, sent a power into the land of Siberia, where all the rich Sables and Furres are gotten.

"Go to thy bed, Sunna," he said. "Of this night thou must have had enough." "I have had too much, by far. If only thou loved me!" "Who else do I love? There is none but thee." "Then with some one thou ought to be angry." "Is it with Boris Ragnor I should be angry?" "Yes! It is with Boris Ragnor. Not once did he ask me to dance. Watching him and me were all the girls.

But Mistress Boris saw the moment had arrived for a ministerial process against this abuse of royal prerogative; so she came out from the kitchen, a pan in one hand, a cooking-spoon in the other. She began her invective with the following Magyar "quousque tandem!" "The devil take your insatiable stomachs! When were they ever full?

Now the decisive moment of battle had come when Kutuzov would be destroyed and the power pass to Bennigsen, or even if Kutuzov won the battle it would be felt that everything was done by Bennigsen. In any case many great rewards would have to be given for tomorrow's action, and new men would come to the front. So Boris was full of nervous vivacity all day.

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