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The universal conscience of Christianity is revolted by those unnamable delights, orgies of blood and festivals of lust, which were enjoyed in the plenitude of his green and vigorous old age by this versatile diplomatist and subtle priest, who controlled the councils of kings, and who chanted the sacramental service for a listening world on Easter Day in Rome.

Again the coronet was held aloft, again it sank, and again she said or rather chanted "With this unbroken ring, token of eternity, I swear to thee the boon of endless days. Endure thou while the world endures, and be its lord, and mine." A third time the coronet touched his brow.

And still the swan chanted as she drew near to the shore where Gilly and the six robbers stood. She spread out her wings, and, raising her neck she curved it, while she stayed watching the men on the bank. "Hear the Swan of Endless Tales the Swan of Endless Tales" she sang in words they knew.

"Then," said Butscha, stooping to pick up a pebble that he might kiss the hem of her garment, "suffer me to watch over you as a dragon guards a treasure. The poet was covering you just now with the lace-work of his precious phrases, the tinsel of his promises; he chanted his love on the best strings of his lyre, I know he did.

Where there were open spaces vast heaps of seasoned wood now flaming caused processions of light and shadow among ruins, against old triumphal arches, against churches and dwellings old, half-old, and new, lived in, chanted in still, intact and usable. Above was star-sown night, but Rome lay under a kobold roof of her own lighting. Noise held grating sway, mere restless motion enthroned with her.

"The three-volume novel is extinct," as Mr. Kipling stated in the motto prefixed to the poem called "The Three-Decker," in which, with a commingling of satire and sentiment, he chanted its requiem. It was nearly always, in the matter of structure, a slovenly form; and there is therefore little cause for regret that the novelette seems destined to supplant it.

Keeping time to the rhythm of her steps, Phoebe chanted softly in a rich, clear voice: "'The Lord is my shepherd: I shall not want. "'He maketh me to lie down in the green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters." The whir of the motor car interrupted the chanting, and, with an absent-minded glance over her shoulder, she stepped to the side of the road to wait for it to pass.

Wilson!" chanted the cowboy contingent, while the townspeople no less vociferously reiterated the name of their favorite. But the "ringer" was not to be shaken off, and he in turn put on a burst of speed that carried him into the lead.

A solemn requiem mass was chanted, thus adding to the solemnity of the occasion. The church itself originally had seven domes. Only two now remain.

"I told you you couldn't get away with it," he said. But Griffiths was not listening. "With all his money, coming around like a rent collector," he chanted his outrage, almost in an ecstasy of anger. "He's loaded with money, he's stuffed with money, he's busting with money. I know for a fact he sold his Yringa plantations for three hundred thousand pounds.

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