She did not find Lovin Child, but she did find half of the cracker she had given him. It was lying so close to a deep, swirly place under the bank that Marie gave a scream when she saw it, and the man caught her by the arm for fear she meant to jump in.

Meeting the hot water of the Gulf Stream, they quickly melt and deposit their burdens at the bottom, always about the same spot which you see marked as the Grand Bank.

He had a little skiff down in the willows that he had used before, and by leaving the party at midnight he could get home, change his dress, run down the bank and row down-stream to the Point, there leave his skiff and climb up to the road. He met us there at one o'clock, and the Suttons would never betray either of us, though they did not know we were engaged.

They were quite willing to do this, and I found that the aggregate for the eight men and three women was $2530. Anderson, who saved most of his wages, had an account in a city savings bank, and did not join us in our syndicate, though he approved of it. The money was made up of sums varying from $90, Lena's savings, to $460 owned by Judson, the buggy man.

And part of this certain history is that the best way to diffuse banking in a community is to allow the banker to issue banknotes of small amount that can supersede the metal currency. This amounts to a subsidy to each banker to enable him to keep open a bank till depositors choose to come to it.

"O, I would not go to see the Tarpeian Rock," said Mrs. Beekman. "Some ladies of my acquaintance went to see it the other day, and they said it was nothing at all." "Ah, yes, mother!" said Charles, in an entreating tone of voice, "let me go with Rollo." "Why, there is nothing at all to see," said Mrs. Beekman. "It is only a small, steep face of a rock in a bank.

"But I really don't want to be arrested. Especially by this sheriff. I do not want the bank I work for to be put to the expense of paying him a reward for my apprehension." This sounded rather odd from a criminal! "You see," went on the young man, with a more cheerful smile, "I am going to return to Albany when my attorney lets me know that I may safely do so.

From time to time this hand clenched tightly and spasmodically into a fist, large, heavy-boned and wicked-looking. The man lay in the dry grass of a tiny glade that ran down to the tree-fringed bank of the stream.

There was not very much to burn; the wood of the wharf kindled easily, and the wheat burned sullenly and sent up grey volumes of smoke. 'Steer under the bank, said Peter. 'We don't want to be seen.

He listened delightedly to the tales of his large gambling losses, of the bouts at poker, the fruitless venture in Texas Oil land, the disastrous corner in wheat, engineered by Burman, and the uniformly unsuccessful efforts to "break the bank" in Forty-fourth Street.