Hamlet had been using a pocket-handkerchief very liberally all the evening, pressing it to his brow and cheeks, and at last he said, "Oh, that this too, too solid flesh wouldn't melt, and resolve itself into a dew!" Jerry and I applauded him very loudly. He gave us a wink, as much as to say, "I see you understand me." He was evidently a wag, and Hamlet was not suited to him, nor he to Hamlet.

You do not see the soul therefore you believe in one? Is that your reasoning? How plain the argument is! When the god or gods suppose their being shall send down and impart to me the astounding fact that I am not one, as I seem, but two am not mortal, as I seem, but immortal do not melt into dust at death, but rise in spirit then will I believe such things, not otherwise.

The eyes, indeed, had the wild gleam of a sepulchral lamp; all else was fixed in the stern calmness which old men wear in the coffin. The corpse stood motionless, but addressed the widow in accents that seemed to melt into the clang of the bell, which fell heavily on the air while he spoke. "Come, my bride!" said those pale lips.

But I will take up the quarrel with her myself, and will so work for thee, that, though she may receive thee tomorrow with somewhat of a chiding, it shall melt into tears and smiles, like an April morning, that begins with a mild shower. Away with thee, then, my son, and be constant to the time, tomorrow morning after mass."

It would be a mistake to think them, on that account, insensible or selfish; on the contrary they perhaps feel more keenly than others and are but too prone to blow their brains out in a moment of despair; but, this moment once passed, if they are still alive, they must dine, they must eat, they must drink, as usual; only to melt into tears again at bed-time.

Season with salt and pepper. Place over the fire a thick-bottomed frying pan containing a tablespoonful of cold butter; when it begins to melt, tip the pan so as to grease the sides; then put in the fish and eggs and stir one way until the eggs are cooked, but not too hard. Turn over toast dipped in hot salted water.

Our grandfathers would have opened their eyes wide at the suggestion of a house built of sand, and would have felt anxious at every rainfall lest their homes should suddenly melt away.

Despite of the costly character of such works, and their destination as the decoration of a palace, they are positive vulgarisms, and we feel little regret when we read in history of the disastrous wars at the close of the king’s career, which obliged him to melt down the silver furniture of Versailles, and convert it into cash for the payment of his soldiers.

The Dane had an inkling of the solution of his problem when in anguish he cried out, Oh, that this too, too solid flesh would melt, Thaw and resolve itself into a dew! But he had not followed his thought to its natural consequence, seeing only death at the end of reasoning.

Butter turned to Oil recovered. From Mrs. There are some Lands, as well as some Treatments of Butter in the Dairy, that makes the Butter so very fat and greasy, that it is hard to melt, without running to Oil; while, on the other hand, there is a sort of Butter, which cuts as firm as Wax; and even this will sometimes turn to Oil in the melting, but very seldom.